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Amidst wonders that will never end
There is one that refuses to blend
Its newness knows no boundary
And it's given to all and sundry

Life is worth a few lessons,
From the eyes of sager lenses.

For life shall not always be,

Oh what deed the deed has done!
Saner days of yore are gone!

Of thoughts, drawn from depths the mind could reach

I don't want to take goodbyes
For a toll of endless sighs
I won't take a groundless hiss
To a night that has lost its bliss

They are from such a crude and cruel time
When deceit is but for just a dime
They have plotted with their father
What it will cost doesn't matter

It's how I know it's hard to say
When on a trip, I lost my way
To yesterday, to right my flaws
That these pains might tame their claws

At night, He will grant our break, Oh busy world!

We'll be blessed, like a baby, with sleep full of bliss

He painstakingly hearkens to every cry
Whenever we choose to come by

Not a single soul will go the same

Life is infested with golden cages
Of different sizes for different stages
Foes of freedom in our warm embrace
To all living preys no means of escape

Teach me how to number my days
That I may flow in endless praise
For my age isn’t just numbers
But precious annals of your wonders

My heart indites a matter
When the ponderings of a good writer
Remind us of the times
Of changing and perilous climes

If I can't say a word
I will just lift my hands
To my King and Lord
For loving me a mere sand

Self! A selfish monster
Always in constant friendly pretence
Must be bound and sacrificed on the altar
That I may fulfill my primary essence

Say not love when it is not
When what it brings is spot
On saintly garment of white
And rid the soul of sight

May we find a use for this centennial cry
For the times pass us by
And our tears won't bring the end
To this grievous and gory trend

Oh let, I pray, this moment be
More than a day of feast to me
Let out the news full of life
The child that was born is still alive

not in the strength
of finely drawn muscles well-sinewed
to thy sturdy underframe

trembling trees shall dance
fearfully in the gusting wind of her vengeance
beneath a sky of thundering lights

in careful waddling
of measured steps,
our wearied thoughts
grope in the dark deafening silence

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Amidst wonders that will never end
There is one that refuses to blend
Its newness knows no boundary
And it's given to all and sundry

If not for mercy as abundant as the sand
Bestowed upon me a mere sand
Of what shall I boast to be His son?
For there are men more worthy under the sun

Our choicest words too feeble to express
How He copes with our mess
The sharpest of brains to dull to comprehend
The kind of mercy that doesn't come to end

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