Tom Sleigh

(Texas / United States)

Tom Sleigh Poems

1. On The Platform 7/14/2014
2. Round 7/14/2014
3. Oracle 7/14/2014
4. A Visit 7/14/2014
5. Song That Can Only Be Sung Once 7/14/2014
6. Stranding 7/14/2014
7. The Advance 7/14/2014
8. The Last Word? 7/14/2014
9. The Parallel Cathedral 7/14/2014
10. The Wound? 7/14/2014
11. On The Yard 7/14/2014
12. Stone God And Goddess In An Ark 7/14/2014
13. Fable 7/14/2014
14. A Wedding At Cana, Lebanon, 2007 7/14/2014
15. The Meadow 7/14/2014
16. Aubade? 7/14/2014
17. Beirut Tank 7/14/2014
18. Blueprint 7/14/2014
19. Day Room 7/14/2014
20. The Animals In The Zoo Don'T Seem Worried 7/14/2014
21. Space 7/14/2014
Best Poem of Tom Sleigh


My mother and I and the dog were floating
Weightless in the kitchen. Silverware
Hovered above the table. Napkins drifted
Just below the ceiling. The dead who had been crushed
By gravity were free to move about the room,
To take their place at supper, lift a fork, knife, spoon—
A spoon, knife, fork that, outside this moment's weightlessness,
Would have been immovable as mountains.

My mother and I and the dog were orbiting
In the void that follows after happiness
Of an intimate gesture: Her hand stroking the dog's head
And the dog looking up, expectant, into ...

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Somebody's alone in his head, somebody's a kid,
somebody's arm's getting twisted—a sandwich flies apart,
tomatoes torn, white bread flung, then smeared with shit
and handed back to eat—I dog dare you, I double dog dare you...

Somebody's watching little shit friends watch little shit him
climb to the crown of a broken-down cherry tree
and throw cherries at him: now somebody's pushing
somebody into a sprinkler, everyone's laughing, everyone's shouting

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