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anonymous 20 February 2020

this literally is the worst information ever.

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anonymous 23 April 2019

doing school work and this is actually not helping with anything at all

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Nichola 10 January 2018

Trying to research for school, can’t find anything.

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The Best Poem Of Tonia Nkeangnyi


it's the best music,
that enlightens your soul.
it's very basic,
and even makes you roll.

it isn't mainly to mock,
but just to feel good.
though it doesn't knock,
that doesn't mean it's rude.

you feel empty of sadness,
and smiles fill your face.
you may think its madness,
but that's not the case.

when attached to a smile,
they always are hearty,
they are never vile,
but they make you pretty.

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Tonia Nkeangnyi Popularity

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