tony haynes

Rookie (1960 / shreveport louisiana)

tony haynes Poems

1. What Difference Can I Make? (All The Difference In The World) 11/6/2010
2. To Differ 11/6/2010
3. Enlightened In The Backseat Of A Taxi Cab 11/6/2010
4. Give Me A Thing Of Beauty 11/6/2010
5. Light Says Let It Be 11/6/2010
6. Complicated 11/6/2010
7. Rich Beyond Your Dreams 11/6/2010
8. A Wake Up Call 11/6/2010
9. When One Becomes Enlightened 11/6/2010
10. The Process Of Illumination 11/6/2010
11. An Arrow Goes To War 11/6/2010
12. Valerie 11/6/2010
13. God Is In Forgiveness 11/6/2010
14. All Things Being Equal 11/6/2010
15. Deed, Word & Thought 11/6/2010
16. Breaking Down The Word Believe 11/6/2010
17. The Coat & Boat Theory 11/6/2010
18. Fashionably Late 11/6/2010
19. Frequently Asked Questions 11/6/2010
20. It's A Cold Day In Hell 11/6/2010
21. You Are The Four Seasons Of My Life 11/6/2010
22. Things I'Ve Learned Through The Fire 11/6/2010
23. Carve Out Your Future 11/6/2010
24. That Rock 11/6/2010
25. Fear's Funeral 11/6/2010
26. The Journey To Profound 11/6/2010
27. My Unintentional Sorcerer 11/6/2010
28. Neighborly 11/6/2010
29. An Impossible Introduction 11/6/2010
30. The Wizard Of Awes 11/7/2010
31. A More Spiritual Reality (A Meditation) 11/7/2010
32. Feather 11/7/2010
33. The Familiar Is Less Painful 11/7/2010
34. When You Fall In Love With You 11/7/2010
35. Quantumplating Abundance 1/21/2011
36. A More Nonchalant Approach 1/21/2011
37. The Thing About Being Human 1/21/2011
38. As Much As I Think I Know, I Don'T Know Even More 1/21/2011
39. Let Me Get This Straight 1/21/2011
40. The Flow Of Abundance 1/21/2011
Best Poem of tony haynes

The Corridor To The Next Reward

Somebody close to you suddenly dies
Then it makes you wonder
Is there a God above our cloudy skies?
Real hell
Somewhere down under?

You’re supposed to fervently ponder these things
On a purely spiritual level
Use your faith and with the courage it brings

Usurp a
Promiscuous devil

Hell can boast “it has given you hell”
Using death to make you bitter
Heavenly hosts toast a fond farewell…

…And ask you to reconsider

For to be absent in the body
Is to be present with one’s Lord
Death is just a corridor
That leads to the ...

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Light Says Let It Be

Light says “let
It be” and it
Heaven lists the names of
Those exposed

But it is not because
Eternity ensnared you in its throes
It becomes because you
Now have freely chose
Good & God above the
Shadows that impair the will to see…

…And death bypasses a sun kissed rose
When light says “let it be”

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