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A Poem To The Terrorist Of Email Prosody

keep deleting my beats—

you crooked leech
you Faithless cyber-nut

A Letter To The Fallen Catholic

Judge more than tenderly of me.
Society whispers ideas that sink the virtuous ideals of
faith, hope and love—
especially those new ideas of yours.

The Disappearance And The Slow Awakening

From her lips flew arrows I wish I did not Own,
And I felt such Affliction, with tears not Shown.
Compared I did the great loves of past Similar;
For once I felt such Elation in blessed Particular.

Learning Endeavors

Awake: Beep, ring, music, and the sounds that pummel.
Appearance ritual: Why should this matter?
(I grow old each passing day.)
Destination: Some paths taken, new roads dismay.

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Marie Alexandra R. Ibarra 20 September 2005

Heyy Mr. Rodriguez! Very descriptive poems. Truly you are such a great inspiration! Keep up the great work, and hopefully you'll read some of my poems here as well. Alright then, see you soon! -Alexandria Baggins Potter

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Tony Richard Rodriguez graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Liberal Studies. He is currently a middle school teacher - Literature and English being his favorite subjects of instruction. When Tony is not getting kicked out of school, driving cross-country, making soap, writing about a special girl, playing in Pamplona, Spai ...

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