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1. For A New Sister... 12/11/2008
2. To My Sister 12/11/2008
3. Friends... 12/11/2008
4. Gifts 12/11/2008
5. Sum Wedding 12/11/2008
6. An Old Story 12/11/2008
7. Lost Spirit 12/11/2008
8. Son-Shine 12/11/2008
9. Bright-Eyed Kid 12/11/2008
10. Heartbreak Poem 12/12/2008
11. I Dream Of Love 12/14/2008
12. A Break Up 12/14/2008
13. No Title 12/14/2008
14. Bye-Bye 12/14/2008
15. More Than Friends 12/14/2008
16. Baby, Don'T You Know I Love You? 12/14/2008
17. You 12/14/2008
18. Untitled 12/14/2008
19. It Is You I Only See 12/14/2008
20. My Love For You 12/14/2008
21. My Special Someone 12/14/2008
22. Miss You So 12/14/2008
23. If Only... 12/14/2008
24. Sleep 12/14/2008
25. Hush 12/14/2008
26. The Wedding Gift 12/14/2008
27. I Thank God He Sent You To Me 12/14/2008
28. Love Sounds Like This 12/14/2008
29. What 12/14/2008
30. Seasons Of Love 12/14/2008
31. Whisper My Name 12/14/2008
32. Just To Love You 12/14/2008
33. Tears Are Words The Heart Cannot Say 1/4/2009
34. When The Sun Goes Down 1/4/2009
35. Everything I'Ve Done, I'Ve Done 1/4/2009
36. I Done Everything For You 1/4/2009
37. Drunk Driver 1/4/2009
38. A Friend Like You 1/22/2009
39. Leaving You 1/22/2009
40. A Loving Peace From You 12/12/2008

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My Sister, My Strength And My Pride

A true blessing was sent my way
it just happened one day
I always prayed for someone who? d care
and then suddenly she was right there
I needed some words to comfort me
I needed some love to see

She is the first one to say
she is proud of me
she gives me such good advice
and hopefully she doesn? t tell me lies
she says I have to keep my head up
to carry on, and to never stop
she comforts me with her kind words
and eases a li'l of my hurt
she has been there for me like always
she couldn? t be replaced

She gives me respect and ...

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To My Sister

Though we often had our differences
Though often fought and yelled
Though parents always despaired of us
Though we argued and rebelled.

Though I stole your toys and broke them
Though we'd never apologise
Though you stirred my hurts and woke them
Though we'd always criticise.

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