Tough Angel fly purple butterfly fly

Tough Angel fly purple butterfly fly Poems

1. Dark Angel, Faith's Angel 1/28/2009
2. Dark Angel, My Angel 1/26/2009
3. Undying Angels Love 1/26/2009
4. Butterfly Angel's Angel 1/26/2009
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Butterfly Angel's Angel

I met someone somewhere out there
One angel, with eyes that dare
I saw him sent from the sky
Oh, he’s an angel, an angel of a butterfly

Dark angel, cricket angel, my only angel
You had no idea what is heaven and what is hell
Gazing into your blue eyes when we first met
Wow, I knew then, you were a heaven sent

Dark angel, you are a white angel
You lighted my path when dark days prevail
Now I know, you didn’t walk away
Stay with me, is all I pray

Dark angel, oh my angel
Cover me, fly beside me
I love you, I need you with me
All I wanted is...

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