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As we hit college
we are lost in society
We hit a point
of endless anxiety

I will wait until the vow is made
before I let my chastity fade.
I save myself for the right girl,
the one that will wait for me.

There she sits
the blue eyed girl
Little does she know
that she is my world

If you were real
you would be yourself
You wouldn't walk in doubt
trying to mimic someone else

Standing in a room of people
feeling all alone
concealing this want
to be known

Paint me a picture
make it anyway you desire
Don't worry about your design
there is no style required

There's a girl I know
that brings a smile to my heart
reflecting a life that is
a beautiful work of art

Beauty need not be given,
nor is it bought at a price.
One need not seek it out but find it in one's self.
The beauty that speaks the most

My heart grows faint
as my faith slips away
no longer is my willingness
to kneel down and pray

I rip the hair
from my balding head
as I look for the one
whom has fled

The sun rises
to a brand new day
and I prep myself
for the sheep led astray

Joy fills the air
as smiles plaster the faces
in the season of rejoicement
of many graces

Why do you still yourself
in the tread marks of the past
bringing back bittersweetness
in memories you beg not to last

Brought together
by something Divine
Held in complete unity
in perfect design

Stuck in the mess
of our mediocre lives
Not knowing how,
or when, or why

Sitting still
not a finger moving
but conforming all the same
Pressure pushes perfection

When the sunsets gone
and it seems like nothings alive
All my dreams are fading
beneath the dark skies

Two souls
separately beat for each other
yet they continue to persist
not knowing one another

I sit here looking
at the moonlit sky,
perplexed, bewildered,
just wondering why.

Why can't one dance
as the sun fades away
Bringing the beauty of night
as the moon begins to sway

Trevor Schulte Biography

I am a poet that is Divinely inspired. I have lived a life of many woes but have come to peace with each one, realizing that each curve in my life wasn't necessarily the end unless I decided to not change my path. The poems that I write are about three things: life, love, and God. Most are about the incisive faith that has helped shape who I am. The love that I have experienced and hope to experience, are written to dive deep inside my feelings. This is so that one can feel the pain and joy that has came through each period in my life. And the life spectrum of my poems usually reflects life issues, or everyday worries. I write what I feel and feel what I write. My intention isn't to gloat or mope about my life but instead to rejoice with the many blessings that I have and will forever endure. My advice in reading the poems I have is to not look at it through your own closed off mind, but to see it through my eyes. My eyes who have seen God work in amazing ways and seen the many unnoticed blessings that are often unseen. If you can see the joy that I see in everyday occurances, then you truly see God on Earth. Blessings! ! !)

The Best Poem Of Trevor Schulte

College Life

As we hit college
we are lost in society
We hit a point
of endless anxiety
All the pressure starts to kick in
as we try to fit in
when the real us
seems to be trippin
I enjoy the nice cafeteria food
every minute I'm not cramming
but when my vacation time comes
the cafe hits some type of famine!
After it hits students appetites
start to become common
in a sense that
our diet is centered on top ramen
The sleepless nights
start adding up
As our old hello
turns in to what up!
Us homies
start going clubbin
but somehow end up in nevada
after some envious troublin
Our old playing of sports
become a intriguing game of stratego
and the more we start to win
the bigger gets our ego
As the freedom hits
as we become too old
Our common defeat phrase
becomes 'Dangit, I fold! '
The laws leaves a certified note
that we are now eligible to vote
well excuse me Mr. Govenator
but I'd rather milk a goat
During this time
life is so-so
Until we find that our old best friend
is now a homo
You'd think at this point
I could reach for the stars
But freakin Avis
wont let me rent a stinkin car
That ticks my clock
and makes me pissed
It starts to excite
my anger catalyst
So us young adults
may not be completely free
But at least us poor students
gets all the adult debris.

Trevor Schulte Comments

Zandi Dlamini 17 November 2007

now i don't know what to say to you because you such a talented young poet...really you can write amazing stuff, you know how to play with words...and really i'm your biggest fan and again i love this poem..GOD bless you

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