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The Mighty Clarence


When you started out big river
in the Lindsay range up North
who would have thought you mighty
at the trickle you brought forth.

Until you passed through Tabulam
you weren't so mighty yet
but burbling down the ranges
you merged rivers to your depth

And on passing through that township
with it's hills and meadows green
your banks you had to widen
to take in the extra stream

As you tumbled through the gorges
gauging pathways through the stone
moving boulders with your strength
which gave way with a moan

Baryulgil and Mount Carnham
added volumes to your flow
as wider and yet wider
I watched your waters grow

When you flowed through Grafton
I thought that you were spent
but you spread out even wider
as to Maclean you went

Your waters you divided
and divided once again
to make up many islands
as you went beyond Maclean

At last you came to Yamba
and there you met the ocean
you had reached your journey's end
and finally ceased your motion.

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Trish Ratford Popularity

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