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Born in a small town. As a child thought too much to be accepted in the Norm. Mother did not allow any reference to feelings or emotion. Found an escape in the written word from a very young age. Read Kipling and Shakespear at the age of 8 alternating with James Hadley Chase.
Music was and will always be my Passion. Some because of the inatrument ...

Trudy Kotze Poems


In full rememberance we build the walls of forgetfulness
Filling our hands with Emptiness
Hoping for fullfillment
And with Deafening Silence


In all Fairness
He may have been a Diamond in the Rough
But his Hunger for Life
and Thirst for Laughter

Lee Niks

My Lief
Ek hoor nog jou stem eggo in die lee kamers van my hart

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