True Eyes

True Eyes Poems

1. Blinded Vision 7/8/2009
2. That Feeling 7/8/2009
3. Lost Soul 7/8/2009
4. Reality Of Disaster 7/12/2009
5. Solved Mystery 7/13/2009
6. Bedlam 7/8/2009
7. Tribute To A Great Poet 8/3/2009
8. If Time Had Stopped 7/9/2009
9. Popcorn Lady 7/9/2009
10. Can You Hear That 7/8/2009
11. Different Perspective 7/9/2009
12. Flashlight 8/4/2009
13. Ocean 7/9/2009
14. Levels 7/9/2009
15. My Circle Of Friends 7/9/2009
16. Mind Enemy 1/16/2010
Best Poem of True Eyes

Mind Enemy

If my purpose is hidden
from my eyes,
then I will beg God to see

Body and mind caught up
in much turmoil
trying to protect and improve the foundation
of me

If dying is the only time
when our minds can rest,
then while alive will we forever
be our own worst enemy?

What would it feel like to escape?
Please show me
I need no help from a pipe, plant, or drink
I just want to escape my mind
I want to live, without conscious thought to
every action

But how can I blame my mind,
because it knows the consequences of
not ...

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Can You Hear That

Can You Hear That
Can you hear my mind flowing,
the horns blowing
the anxiety building up

Can you hear my heart throbbing
Can you make out his name
Can you hear what he tells me and let me know if
truth outweighed the lies

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