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basking in human godship
due to your doubt,
never can I be esnared.


do not do this
to me now
do not say no
I beseech you

the lie is fair
'affordable health care'
boinged out his voice box
challenging the air

they have it in for us
do they not? - but why?
they have a heart
searing itself of hate - and die?

if you seek execution
of the absolute perfect murder - rural or city
it shall not be accomplished by flawless plans,
in the hunt of stealth activity

fellow poets may I adjure your wishful conception
as to a plight in which few may pierce its actuation
does it really beackon the clap of a thundercloud
for poetry writers with great success to be enshroud

caught bound
death circles around
its ashes loudly propound
life's sound

in a lifetime soon, and soon again toiling
shall your life be met
caught in a hot pot of sudden boiling
what maturity is mastery in awe,

and you
shall receive
keep on asking


Poised and intent, you willingly listen
so deep, full of life
so unshallow
with an active and vast heart


me deep
take me out
silence the screams

The style of full blown self-assertiveness
has betrayed me
as well as all the players of society

your nurture
you've spoken
my life
you've choosen

i didn't kick down the door of life, nor knock on it.
it invited me early on, during rapid change
change that wasn't open to conversation
for even i couldn't hold it, early on

We're all coming together
whether in peace or in oblivion
the point's pole pulls us in
enticing all civilization

Being asked 'how do I know this',
'how do I know that'....Because the knowledge,
like this life, was given to me.
And by disowning ego and really listening,

said by Marcus Tullius Cicero
in essense; a great many years ago
'knowledge thats severed from justice
suits cunning in substance'

because a mind fails to understand
its understandable; its your mind
you may fail as many times as need be
but don't limit your growth

Thank you truth, and happy One for
the gift of knowing it to be
Only dull people are capable
of living dull lives, whether

I am convinced that human intuition when
listened to equals up to what is true and coming.
And it does strike me as
humorous when minds merely state

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Websites: http: //, http: //, http: // Hi. I'm Solomon Brook also known as Trunami. I've been writing for well over two decades. I've written short stories, poems and songs (won some contests) . Currently, I am working on a few books simultaneously. Just the past year or so have I decided to make my writings more public. I plan to mostly feature brand new pieces instead of the ones that are truly personal to me. If you would be interested in my forthcoming books, you may message me conveying your interest and I will keep you posted of my publishing date. Thanks for caring enough to peek in here.)

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A Bed Of Fear

basking in human godship
due to your doubt,
never can I be esnared.
for what good is an ice cube
to the magnitude of the sun?
have you consummated
self assuredly
such pride in aloofness?
facetiously with kin
brooding on,
in a bed of fear.
a manifestation
that cannot be
good news to hear.
drugged with wanting
the scare of freedom,
not wanting
the sacred touch of oblivion.

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Trunami ... Popularity

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