Francis Duggan Trust Poems

When Trust Is Betrayed

Once friends can become bitter enemies when trust is betrayed
This is how the worst of enemies are quite often made
Or the unfaithfulness of a friend with a husband or partner or wife
On this way the best of friends can become the worst of enemies for life

If You Trust Politicians

If you trust politicians then your trust will be betrayed
Since most of them have broken most of the promises they have made
Most of them are ineffective though they do draw a huge pay
They behave like unruly children in Parliament every sitting day

Seems Hard To Trust One

Seems hard to trust one who does not trust you
Since trust is a thing that must be felt by two
Trust much like love does not survive one way
That it has to be mutual does seem true to say

Trust From Once Broken

Like the balloon that bursts as it floats in the air
Trust from once broken seems beyond repair
The one you lose trust in is no longer your friend
This often does happen when friendships does end

We Give Them Our Trust

We want to believe from them what we do hear
We give them our trust they repay us in fear
Their mistrust of others is a source of hate
A World of fear they have helped to create

Of Those Who Do Not Trust Anyone

Of those who do not trust anyone it would be fair to suppose
That in their own thinking they surround themselves with foes
For if on the trustworthiness of anyone you do not believe
Then mistrust in return is all that you can expect to receive

Trust Without Doubt

Though in their views on life and on people not many do share
Those who trust without doubt have a gift that is rare
Doubting Thomases like me you will find everywhere
There are millions if not billions in the big World out there

We Cannot Have Trust And Justice

We cannot have trust and justice if we deny the truth
If in the face of prejudice we do remain as mute
Where one race feels superior to another there never can be trust
Let us drink to equality and what is right and just

Suppose She Cannot Live By Trust

She married him for love alone he seemed a charming man
And she told her friends the World's greatest husband is my Stan
But love is blind or so they say which in her case is so true
And there is more far more to love than saying I love you.

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