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First let me start off by saying it was a type-o
So Juan Olivarez that comment had to go.
Fairie Helper what the hell what kind of name is that
I read three of your poems and I thought they were wack.

A Ode Poem To You

My mother gave me an ode poem, oh how I love that poem
The scene of her perfume on it, the picture of me in her arms
This letter I keep with me all the time, I love it so much I sleep with it under my pillow
To her nice hand writing, to the black ink she wrote in, she wrote until her ink went low

I Need You

You let me love.
You let me hate.
You opened up
those heaven gates.

Ronald Akins

I look down on you
as you lay there.
I want to runway
but, dont know where.

My First Kill

It was not my fault
you came at me.
The gun went off
you fell to your feet.

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i love backing caKES

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