Tyler Tuck

Rookie (9/23/94 / Rochester Hills)

Tyler Tuck Poems

1. Kicking Stones 1/25/2009
2. That Girl 1/25/2009
3. Caped Man 1/25/2009
4. Angel Above The Hill 7/12/2011
5. Best You Can Be 7/12/2011
6. Just Say It 7/12/2011
7. Summer 2011 7/12/2011
8. Girl Of My Dreams 7/12/2011
9. See What I See 7/12/2011
10. Meet Me Halfway 7/13/2011
11. Follow Me 7/13/2011
12. Whatever I Need To Do 7/13/2011
13. Blind 7/13/2011
14. The One 7/18/2011
15. Million 1/9/2012
16. I Dream Of You 1/9/2012
17. How Much You Really Mean To Me 1/9/2012
18. The Girl Of My Dreams 1/9/2012
19. My Head 1/9/2012
20. Best Friend 3/28/2013
21. Beautiful Angel 7/12/2011
22. Precious 1/25/2009
23. Winnie The Pooh 7/12/2011
24. Triple Rhyme 1/9/2012
25. Your Beautiful 7/12/2011
26. You Are The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me 1/9/2012
Best Poem of Tyler Tuck

You Are The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me

You, the only girl in my heart, Are,
The only thing i could ever love, the Best
Thing that has walked into my heart, and To
Ever leave you would never Happen,
To be yours, is everything in the world to Me.

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Winnie The Pooh

Here's the same old you making a brand new debut,
You better not change a single little thing about you,
From the smile to the style of shoe,
Because i love it more than a kid loves the zoo,
So dont even think theres anything you have to undo,
You personality is pure as the sky is blue,
How your this amazing i have no clue,
But what i can tell is there is nothing you cant do,
Between us two,

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