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someone didn't arrive
and a piece of arrival
was lost

when a voice called out
in the night street
the name it called
was absence

on Connolly's hill
a tractor whirrs
a reedy whistle plays along
with the piping river

suddenly across the silence
of the evening countryside
a sheep cries out
from an unseen field

The fragile thrush
prickling with existence
dusk's camouflage, a silent glow-worm
spreads on the damp grass

the bitter orchard trees
the flinty stars
a harsh moon-match
struck in the whitewashed yard

only the stripped thing
only the primrose smoke
the sunset chimneys thread
only the voice bud-pinned

the steady solitary clump
of homebound cows
like the earth's clock
on the dot of evening

garden stones
commandments placed around the edge
of the freedom of flowers to grow wild
or in themselves symbols

beech leaves squinting yellow
across the yard
brass keyholes in the sun
iced in


ajar the glimmer
dusk creeps door to door
hall lights tempt the

a word
so private
a Sunday parlour
couldn't say it

hill upon hill
the distance
pressed up against
time after time

a pink wall
made vacant by the
midday sun
a shock to the promised

The Best Poem Of Una Woods


someone didn't arrive
and a piece of arrival
was lost

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