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He said:

“Happiness is overrated
Flying is too outdated

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I guess, I wasnt meant to write anymore. Sorry for the disappointment, but I've lost poetry and that's that. No going back or self searching because some things just arent meant to be found once they've been lost. The end of my road has been reached so now, we cross over to newer things and maybe, just maybe... something will be found along the way, except it'll be something that was never and could never be lost.)

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This Is Where It Is

He said:

“Happiness is overrated
Flying is too outdated
Loving is for what’s already faded
And memories of you never left me jaded

But if happiness is what you’re after
And flying would bring me back that laughter
Then let me hang forever in your rapture
As I swarm in the memories I’d die to capture.”

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Cody Williamson 05 May 2010

I am undeniably a fan of your poetry. Sorrow and joy rolled into one, your simple lines strike me. Keep up the great work!

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