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What have I lost
I wonder...
And look inward.

To live upon
that distant dream,
that one day
I shall find me!

Mercy is an option-
unredeeming in
my attire of pain.

Jam them, cram them-
Fill them, completely, to the brim
But, dear parent, make sure
You don't mark them

My hand stretches out

Unbiddingly -

Purity, distilled in the essence
Of a dew drop. You, my love.

A sepia coloured
In that old album
Is all I can touch

Wheels within wheels
Lines between lines
Persons inside persons

When silence speaks
A thousand tongues,
My words can speak
But one.

Audacious smiles
laughter ringing clear-
warm hugs and
little sudden pecks on my cheeks!

the rain powdered down
like fine sand thru' fingers
and caught in my hair
like dew drops

For the world
My eyes shut,

To look at life
beyond that distant horizon
is something I love to do-

When I tried those stilettos,
His deeply disapproving look
Simply served to fuel my determination:
I bought them.

More precious than the
Moment I held you
In my arms-

Flounce your tutu,
My Child,
Of Self confidence
Perched on the toes


It's Spring-
Wafting music
And fragrance
In the warm air.


Have you ever had a dream?
Felt it grow within-
In your heart…
Have you cherished it?

How did that
piece of art
get that way?

Alone she sits.
A notebook in front,
She's been asked
To draw Love.

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Someone who loves the written word; enjoys reading poetry, crazy about it, in fact! An enormous fan of Richard Bach and Robert Fulghum, and the lovely musicals of yore, 'My Fair Lady' and 'Annie' and 'The Sound of Music' being at the top of the list! And a firm believer, especially in this: Love does not make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile :))

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*a Call For Faith

What have I lost
I wonder...
And look inward.

Only my heart:
for it lies with you.

Only my soul:
for it's lost, in wilderness
abandoned by my searching self.

Only my voice:
the unspoken words
the unfelt plea
At a loss to articulate.


Why can't I even
find the words
to pray?

I'm thankful, though,
I still have You
Dear God,
Waiting for me...

1 July, '07

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Usha Pisharody Popularity

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