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A Night Before Battle

</>Lying in the open and gazing at stars
Gives me nothing but the war of thoughts
The thoughts try to defeat one another
but die in vain to let in new thoughts

Life Of My Death

My only difference
Between life and afterlife
is my death

Sun And Me

The sun seeking my shadow
My shadow hides behind me
And when i look at mad-show
The sun gazes to blind me

Fool Are Never Fool...

Fools always have nails
To scratch their heads with...
They always find trails
To stumble their ways with

The Dog Who Spoke Punjabi...

The red dog who used to speak punjabi...
Now he lies dead on the road
Vehicles pass by
People kicking aside his carcass

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Aki Vane 02 September 2020

My teacher used your works for our subject, Creative Writing. You're a good writer thoo. Keep it up.

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Jasmine B 20 May 2006

nice one, I love it your a good writer.

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