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The clouds sift the flour over the plain,
children play with it,
they knead some snowmen.
People look wonderfully at these snowmen

Purple sleep quivers on banks
the blue of crystal bends lightly
lonely birds float on reed
shadows slide in the sombre ecstasy.

I was fascinated by her:
It was a beautiful brunette.
With her night hair,
she caught my mind in her net.

Once upon a time foolishness
was going fallen into three columns:
some were trying to define it,
the others were criticizing it,

Grey snow,
flooded by the rays of sun,
thaws slowly,
in the rhythm of the spring birds music,

This green forest, I see it
near quiet lake,
when I have steped lightly over
to hear its multi-coloured thrill.

Green orchards loaded of love I am shown
dew, that has fallen over the grass
tells me that you have cried
in the night that has passed.

I have sunk in an ocean of dreams
shiver of stars is heard from the dusk
serene memories wave melancholically
in a dizzy dance.

I have awoke to sing in the sea of dreaminess
with great thoughts I have piloted some day
fir trees have been good friends for me
when all has quivered to my waving.

Shiver involves me when I hear the music
it’s the music of the stars that wraps me up
it’s the music of the soul that caresses me
it’s a fairy place that carries me to the horizon.

I float in the starry sky
I dream with the thirsty thought
I fly like the clouds
in the search for a place in the sky.

Over the hurried river,
the wild birds have halted,
wind breathes suavely in the morning.

The sky opened the gates
and showed my face sometime ago.
Sweet scenes, spent with friends,
come to my mind.

From all my soul,
I tried to be the best with you in my role.
I touched the shining stars,
I wanted all nice things to be ours.

Moon sings and sighs
narrating her past,
autumnal cloud spreads
over our happiness.


Mother is the kind person,
that gave birth to us,
the dearest person in our consciousness,
in order to carry gladly a name.

Winter rose in the sky
north wind shook
the tinsel of stars
from the porch of the Milky Way

Honey, I would spoil you
I would make you rings from chirping every day
I would make you beads from stars every night
you would receive a bouquet of flowers daily.

Silver whispers of winter,
warm the sun up that he is cold
make to grow up rich fruits
under the counterpane of the snow on the plain,

Love stays hurt
from an arrow of loneliness.
Cry! The song of love is in progress
to show me the beauty of your face.

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My name is Valentin Gabriel Cristea from Romania. I am a maths teacher at School Nr.1 Sotanga Romania.I like writing poems.)

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Happy Winter

The clouds sift the flour over the plain,
children play with it,
they knead some snowmen.
People look wonderfully at these snowmen
that are so cold and live for only three months.
Children are very happy with them
for only three months.
When the wind is blowing
and it is very cold,
only the snowmen are playing with each other,
talking to each other, thinking about children
and waiting for children.
Nobody knows that
the snowmen are looking for
our happiness
and they need hearts
as them to understand
how short it is happiness.
Children know that happiness
has been for only three months
while snowmen stayed with them.

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Valentin Gabriel Cristea Popularity

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