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Poetry is a kind of nature's language that inspires the soul and triggers our eyes to see the world as it is. Since I was a kid, I enjoy writing words that sprouts in my mind. I'm a person who loves to share my ideas to others. I love reading books and doing things which is extraordinary.

Van Empasis Poems

Iridescence Of Deep Thoughts

Exhume not shallow graves
Die in not dying death.
If you cry, cry with flames
Of mine eyes, I bequeath


I die a little but live eternally
I smote the tongue of evil
Climbed the mountain of death
I carried my own frightening soul

Life's Whisper

I leaned and heard him whispering,
I am one with God.
Made from one love of him,
love that made I and him one

Nature's Hymn

Sunshine's glimpse revealing all earth's beauty
Dandelions swinging while birds singing
Dew's evanescent glimmers gently
Sea waves dancing, heavens rejoicing

My Heart's Offer

I lay my heart's offering unto you
Filling every corner of your love
I will walk along death's path for you
Proclaiming all the greatness you've done

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