Vanessa Contreras Poems

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A Moments Clarity

Bound by Illusions of modern day,
A hidden prospective not seen thru the eyes of those,
who do not seek to find the truth,
An internal instinct,

Dance With The Moon I

As I dance beneath the moonlit sky,
she speaks my name.
Faint Whispers of the autumn night...
I feel her embrace.

Dance With The Moon Ii

As I dance beneath the moonlit sky
The night she whispers,
secrets only the wind can speak.
A smile peeks upon my face,

Nameless Truth

Beseech the gift of Love and Light.
Lifes toughest lesson is to learn
to face the battles and fight your way
beyond the darkness

Triumph In The Wind

Caught in a whirlwind of stress,
An uproar of life's daily mess,
So overwhelming, I’m drowning,
In my own tears, yet I’m standing.

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