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Popa was born in the village of Grebenac, Vojvodina, Serbia. After finishing high school, he enrolled as a student of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Belgrade University. He continued his studies at the University of Bucharest and in Vienna. During World War II, he fought as a partisan and was imprisoned in a German concentration camp in Bečk ...

Vasko Popa Poems

The Admirers Of The Little Box

Sing little box

Don't let sleep overtake you
The world's awake within you


Some bite from the others
A leg an arm or whatever

Take it between their teeth

A Conceited Mistake

Once upon a time there was a mistake
So silly so small
That no one would even have noticed it

Far Within Us #1

We raise our arms
The street climbs into the sky
We lower our eyes
The roofs go down into the earth

Before The Game

Shut one eye then the other
Peek into every corner of yourself
See that there are no nails no thieves
See that there are no cuckoo's eggs

Vasko Popa Comments

Constance Steckel 12 December 2011

Popa should be better known in America. Such a powerful poet.

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Constance Steckel 12 December 2011

Vasco Popa is a major poet. And should be more famous!

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sndkjqwhid 03 March 2021

i cant find your poem pig

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Sylvester Molise 01 August 2018

I wanna search popa apparel poems

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Bhargav 10 November 2017

genius poet

4 0 Reply
Bhargav 10 November 2017


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Roger Mckeon 10 June 2014

It's not transaction, it's translation.

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