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I passed my matriculation from pse board punjab and post graduation from mjpru bareilly

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Wake Up

Wake up the night has gone
wake up the cock has crown
Wake up the birds are singing
Wake up the clock is ringing


O ascetic why do you wander
In these dark woods alone
And in whose search burn Your bone
Cutting yourself apart and


Once again my heart philander
Like a bird perhaps a gander.
It flew and flew aimlessly in the sky -over the villages, over the towns, over the rivers, over the mountains.
And then it saw a flight of birds on the plain

Let Us Think

I am an indian, I love my country most.
Should i hate non indian?
Men are men, only form and place is changed

Abhi Abhi

अभी अभी तो शाम हुई है,
रात होनी अभी बाकी है।
थक चुका है मेरा बदन दिन भर के काम से
और रात होने पर हम ढ़ेर हो चुके होंगे बिस्तरों पर

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