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1. Waiting For The Green Signal 2/27/2015
2. They Say 2/28/2015
3. 1000 Times 3/2/2015
4. Missing You 3/5/2015
5. By The Sea Shore 3/7/2015
6. Corpse 3/7/2015
7. My Old Lady 7/18/2015
8. Independence 8/13/2015
9. The Path Is Wrong 2/28/2015
10. 1000 Times He Regrets 3/2/2015
11. Until Then 2/27/2015
12. If He Knows 2/27/2015
13. I The Woman 3/4/2015
14. From The Day I Am Alone 3/5/2015
15. Women's Day 3/3/2015
16. Why I Left 2/23/2015
17. Loneliness 2/28/2015
18. When I Am Alone 3/5/2015
19. As Our Hands Entwine 2/27/2015

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As Our Hands Entwine

It was a cold evening, I was sipping my tea
and the cold was romancing with my tea as well with my lips
he was looking into my eyes
searching for his eternal soulmate......

I was feeling intense cold with his sharp eyes penetrating into my self
I felt like crashing his heart and be inside there
and feel the slowly changing rhythms of his heart
which used to tell me tales which he put on a mute state

I was in front of his struggling hands
the smell of his perfume was making the air lighter
and my heart was beating stronger
when I was there the ...

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They Say

They say it, the marriage, is a contract in USA
All I wonder is whether it has an expiry date?
They say it, is not a life time commitment
All I want to know is how much short it can be?
They say, marriage is between people
How can they just wipe out transactions,
monetary and emotional which happens here?
They say girl can be barren, not a big deal
How can then she be cursed for blocking salvation?

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