Verona Valentine

Verona Valentine Poems

1. My Prayers 2/11/2007
2. Lover, Be Mine 2/11/2007
3. Confusion Of A Teenage Lover 2/11/2007
4. Tears Of Sorrow 2/12/2007
5. I Dropped A Tear In The Ocean 10/10/2007
6. Lost 10/10/2007
7. My Tears Were Silent 10/31/2007
8. Fragile And Broken 10/31/2007
9. Just A Little Undead 11/6/2007
10. The Night Again Betrays My Memory 11/8/2007
11. Realm Of Dreams 11/8/2007
12. Love Him A Little Less 11/13/2007
13. Esoteric Realm 11/13/2007
14. Ephemeral Taste Of Utopia 11/13/2007
15. Silent Promises 11/14/2007
16. Goddess Of Revenge 11/14/2007
17. Heaven's Hell 11/15/2007
18. I Can Only Take This Much Drama 11/28/2007
19. Empty Bliss 3/10/2008
20. I Need You 3/10/2008
21. Undo Me As A Liar 3/10/2008
22. A Fading Fairytale 5/15/2008
23. Love Is A Murderer 6/6/2008
24. My Shooting Star 8/25/2008
25. A Tale Of Horror 8/28/2008
26. The Lovers Have Lied 10/7/2008
27. Secret Sin 12/7/2008
28. A Lover's Tale 1/10/2009
29. Mon Amour 1/19/2009
30. Dear Boy 1/19/2009
31. Dear Girl 1/19/2009
32. Cruelty And Love's Divine 1/30/2009
33. Saving 3/1/2009
34. I Wanted To Be A Mother 3/9/2009
35. File This Under Disgrace 3/9/2009
36. Listen To The Silence 4/24/2009
37. Four Letter Lie 4/24/2009
38. Letters Of The Dying 4/24/2009
39. Bereavement Captivates The Sinners 4/24/2009
40. Save Her 8/17/2009

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Best Poem of Verona Valentine

Farewell, My Friends, Adieu

I hate to say good-bye
Yet we have to say farewell
For we shall meet again
That I can foretell

The future is unpredictable
Tomorrow is uncertain
Keep our laughs and memoirs
But I wish you have no burden

We shall keep on learning
Remain as students and become as mentors
Face the unknown with confident yearning
Pursue our life endeavors

Farewell, my friends, adieu
I utter it with pain
Farewell, my friends, adieu
In sunshine or in rain

Farewell, my friends, adieu
This day would come, we knew
Our dreams we shall pursue
For ...

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Lover, Be Mine

Put me back in my lover's arm
where I feel safe, loved and warm
to him i shall give no harm
just put me back in my lover's arm

his heart shall always be mine
I do swear it will always be fine
I will love him from time to time
just let his heart be always mine

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