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'All beautiful souls are welcome in my world of love and beauty. I am ready to embrace you all with an open heart.'
~Vibhu Ashok

Vibhu is a spiritual soul, born on February 1,1985 in the city of Indore, India. He has always been a mature and deep thinker, with high personal expectations. In order to fulfill his ambition of distinctiveness, he ...

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When Love Strikes

When finally it falls on you
With full force it strikes
Makes you still like a drop
You know not…what to do
This the moment…you are alive
Waiting for it…for whole life

It is all you were waiting for
Something precious…rare
Finally in your grasp
This feeling of freedom
You are alive…yes you are…

Still wondering what is it
From where is it…
Nothing could define it
This energy is free…never bounded
But always in your grasp
Cause' you are pure…
It become yours…it is always yours

My dear ask your heart….
It will tell you whole story
The ancient ones…sung it all along
Your life depends on it….
Yes ….Yes it is Love…
Only Love….the ultimate bliss…

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Vibhu Ashok Popularity

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