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People never own people
Yet they boasts for ‘MINE’
Throughout the life people get screwed
Happiness and Peace ever shine.


Love is a guilt once it is expressed
It is divine when suppressed
It is a hell if got tortured
Love is heaven if it is fostered.

Poet confided: Universe has been versed
in the concept of a Absolute Man
Within whom potential of each man is converged.
To that extent the entity of Universe is a humane truth

I search the network,
Find ‘retirements’ in a stereo type pattern.
My daughter exclaimed “Retirement “!
She sent a photo of a wrinkle-faced woman

Sorry Aruna,
pity on your debris – this materialistic world.
They do not allow you to die, neither succeeds to survive.
They kept you in vegetative state.

Somewhere sometime someone smiles
may be it flashes some absence of mind
The onlooker gazes and implants awhile
a feeling of look - love starts to grind

A whirlwind not a twister,
It is my love march past.
I cannot but wonder!
Does she come back?

Her eyes fall on the image not on the man
She is charmed and opens her breasts.
No shy no swing for that her Self likes him
and she accepts him world's ‘the best'!

They told us to forgive everyone
They told us to love all around
Get free from the inner evils:
We bow to Them as They are great

To dream someone you love is a hidden treasure of life-
yes it is.
Your Love vanishes into blue and how do you feel this reality?


In the wood among the crowd of thousands trees
no two leaves are identical.
So be you and me.
In the same way thousands walked in hundred years


I was wandering in the wilderness of unemployment
in search of a job,
I mean to serve in lieu of money.
In all languages of the world

Each day brings a new sun. Foolish!
The same old sun we see as earth gets a round spree.
Time fleets and fleets in never ending line
A minuscule entity we you and they find.



An untoward one is that becomes conspicuous in day light
but the taboo halts to unmask it.

The Sojourners pass by forget the past,
the aroma they left behind effuses their memory
to the people they smiled at, chat with, shred dust.
Forgetfulness is blessing- they say,

A seven years’ dream turned into a story
in seventh heaven.
Two hearts’ desire fell apart
with lust in need.

Never say ‘Never’.
Take a chance to be clever.
Keep a secret in sleeve,
Be light do not go to deep.

Nothing is destroyed in this universe.
‘Conservation Theory’ accepts it true.
“Sambhobami Juge Juge” was the Hindu scriptures
Still ruling over the faith.

They come in my dream when slumber breaks,
they come in tip toe and go away silently,
the weird watch-circuit conveys me who are they.
I remain silent, a ‘hello’ stay unaddressed,

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Born in Bengali Brahmin family; Educational Qualification-M.Sc B.Ed. Worked as a teacher in the provinces of West Bengal and Rajasthan and Jharkhand in India; presently working as Joint Commissioner of Sales Tax in Government of West Bengal. Hobby- reading writing tavelling and photography. President, Salt Lake ISPAT(Initiative for Scientific & Public Awareness Target) , Convenor of Kishore Vigyan Mela Committee, Salt Lake City.Chief Editor of PROBAHO - an organ of West Bengal State Commercial Tax Service Association.)

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People never own people
Yet they boasts for ‘MINE’
Throughout the life people get screwed
Happiness and Peace ever shine.
Rules are made just to be broken
Still people abide by
Discipline is a man made chain
Love is the Lullaby.
Be with spouse or with kids
Or be with kith and kin
Selfish Giant lives in ‘THEIRS’
Innocence die and ruin
In one evening sun get set
Togetherness remains unknown.
People never own people
What ever binds in ‘OWN’

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