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I feel you out there
World weary but still curious
Searching for words
To describe the intangible

I love my thesaurus.
What intricate tapestries
Of velvet vernacular
can be woven from her eloquent thread.

The past
rolls by Like a funeral procession
As you lie awake in darkness.
And sleep, and peace of mind, are strangers

Are the shadows of the night.
Like wild distorted figures
In some half remembered dream

I've used the word I
Enough times for one life
From now on
Its only you, us, and we.

Subatomic voyager of the infinite
What stories you could tell.
Like cosmic Odysseus
Crossing the dark silent void

Solitary blackbird
High up on a barbwire fence.
Your iridescent wings
Catching the late afternoon sun.

The cruel wind cries
Like a wounded animal,
While the days crawl by
In a long slow death march.

Wrapped in the soft shroud of daybreak
The tree tops rise above the veil of fog
Like slumbering giants,
Only half hidden by the earthbound clouds.


Contained within this fragile vessel
Held within this mortal shell
The shimmering fire of intellect
Shines like a beacon from the void.

Like a herd of startled deer
They flee across an empty winter park...
Driven forward by some unseen giant
The leaf creatures leap and bound

Galaxies ignite
With the fire of a thousand suns
When you walk into the room.
magnetic fields of flux

Cast out of Eden
Like a drunken sailor
To wander homeless across the ages.
Part creation, Part creator

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The Unlikely Poet

I feel you out there
World weary but still curious
Searching for words
To describe the intangible
Trying to observe
The unobservable
Hoping for a glimpse of the divine...

I feel you out there
Awkward and self-conscious
Unlikely seeker of truth
Looking for meaning
Where others see none
Watching the party
From the corner of life
Like an orphan child stealing a peek
Into a warmly lit window...

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