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I held a full moon
At noon,
I tried to get it out

I will fly
Like butterflies
But this time, high
Higher than the butterflies,

Every distance I cover
I feel that you are the word love
Deserving dove
Butterfly kisses,

Our childhood fool-around
A wiry course
Curse thrown at each other
Had a lexis we didn't mean.

<li>Elder brother elder brother
Must let go the meal for the younger
Elder brother elder brother
So difficult being a leader

In my present
I’m absent
Building castles in sky
Bringing sky’s to earth;

​For about 3 decades I've fed
I wonder the uniqueness in a head,
The singularity of life selfs,
The indefinably existence,

Wake up
Wake up, my little daughter
Its that time in a year
They say to your ear

In and out: computer eats and flush
Ages of a genius they confer to such.

In a subject, many can write a book

All at once
When she sings

She makes the snow fall

All these papers,
Ornamental woods,
Glasses and medals…
Don't show the pains,

You will never walk down the aisle
If all your taste must be perfect
Bet me, you wouldn't, it's a fact.
Be decisive, subira is patience


Twinkle twinkle little star
Shining beautifully in the sky
Off and on like birth and death
Life is just a beautiful star

I’m a leader…

That is why God made me man


At a halt and lifeless in the shelf
Man seek knowledge from neighboring books, turning me out
If not of security, the animals would love to have me
For silent is the atmosphere of the room, I am masked spider web

It's the future right heartfelt action for a past;
...coming from an heavy heart.

Sorry if I ever wronged you or broke a heart

Love is the most beautiful fabrics
Let's wear it, for it is a version of magic
...Love is heavenly not a mimic
Listen to your bare chest; it is heroic.

My dear
You will always leave here
For I have been there
Down the valleys and mountain top

October child is born for woe
With the strength to dig a hoe
And ideas never called a doe
Creativity profound like its afternoon

The cocks crowed in quarrel tones
More and more, alarm clock failed the most
Same would have been the outcome and results
Of thousand elephants on my head.

Vincent Onyeche Biography

Onyeche Vincent Onyekachukwu hails from Agbor-Obi in Delta state, Nigeria. He attended Delsu, where he obtained a bachelors degree in Biochemistry (2005-2009) and master's degree in Applied Biochemistry at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. He is a lover of education. He has published several research works in highly rated international journals as a researcher. Poetry to him is nature's language. His greatest motivation has been the Holy Bible and his parents (Mr. Larry Egun Onyeche & Mrs. Ngozi Bridget Onyeche (nee Ahanor)) .)

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#30 Lines Of A Fullmoon

I held a full moon
At noon,
I tried to get it out

But my fingers were glued to it
And they settled in its pit,
Where no light has ever spooned.

I stretched
And had a great fall
Surprisingly, I floated tall

And felt an immaculate phonon
Vibrating within my spinal cord,
In turns it made a complete span

Underneath the trees;
And over the Ivory towers…
The moon scents like flowers

Its light glowed in righteousness
I touched deeper, it pulled a trigger
And smacked me down to the edge.

Each touch slammed me a voltage
Louder than all thunderstruck..
Then it sparked me into breath.

Life rushed and flowed into my brain,
Connecting nerves with rays of love
Gravity could feel the urge

The moon I held was true;
Let it rain or scotch in mist and dew
Every now and forevermore

I'll bring this moon to you
For at the touch of love,
Everyone becomes a poet.

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Very beautiful poems write and read it.

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Vincent Onyekachukwu Onyeche 20 December 2013

Still Learning To Crawl

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Every Foreign item is local in its hometown...

Come to think of it, No one is beautiful in the dark No one is an Ocean that never lacks No eye sees its every back No one knows all about his very self These are what I consider dark. Can a man live without a sin? No no no! The answers shall sing No man can singly bring forth a child No man can boast of a shadow free No scar in the dark but To every light there is a corresponding darkness. Care of Nothing but obstruction in the dark No game wins without a goal No perfect and stainless married life No one can be The most beautiful and perfect at same time. Could darkness be a curse to light? No one factor shines forever None; as holy as the Holy Bible None: but if you find Nevertheless, That thing might be a unicorn Never existed and Can't be in the dark.

If only I can go into the future and all... I shall return and be smarter than my past - Vinz Onyeche

I praise inventories, I know nothing is new under the Sun. Yes I do. But I always have this feeling I nurture: 'the best discoveries on Earth is yet to come, it hides in every Child unborn, lost in the bathrooms, wonders in the dreams of men, turn and often burnt to ashes because the World sees it as Nothing' - Vinx Onyeche

I see Nigeria as a polygamous home, where siblings are disunitied: yet they are family.

There is a certain thing about kindness... It is somehow greater than love Because with kindness Justice will trigger love.

We say we are normal but Like mad men, we live life gathering things....

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