RoseAnn V. Shawiak Voices Poems

Blessed Voices

Talented people sitting around,
waiting their turns to sing songs
on an evening filled with karaoke.

Hearing Silent Voices

Withering and deadened, lying within my mind, sorrow is now
making itself heard, tired of waiting, now stepping up and
screaming silently into this intellect, causing quite a stir.

Silent Voices Touching Poems

Solitary figures gathering in ocean tides, allowing them
to take everyone wherever they will in life.

Surprising escapades, falling into pastimes of this mind,

Silent Voices

Voices Of Silence

Voices of silence screech through my mind, relating
experiences of happiness touching my soul.

Flying away into sunsets, leaving behind lost memories,

Voices Of Tender Feelings

Straight into this heart run voices of tender feelings and beautiful
thoughts, never-ending, taking everything at face value, never taking
anything for granted, just collecting memories and their images.

Start Using Your Voices

Writing into depths of thought, entering intellect, pen
flowing with the ink of hypocrisy going on in our world.

Leveling the field, expressing truth and honesty of what's

Voices Of Memories

Reaching fingers around the neck of a guitar, playing
the essence of my soul to rhythms felt interiorly.
Capturing the essence of nature and my mind, collecting
all the pieces needed to compose each sheet of music

Poetical Voices

Beating staccotely to an inner rhythm,
focusing itself into my brain with it's
lively beat and fascinating effect upon
thoughts, conjugating in abysses of

Voices Of The World

Melodies of a small world, spinning about my mind,
thinking of my son and granddaughter at Disneyland.
A constant song played throughout the entire day.
Reminders of how we are all joined by musical scores

Illuminating Voices Of Family

Silence illuminates our thought with grief from beyond
this exact moment in time.

Waltzing with images, listening to conversations past

Heartaching Voices

Hearts breaking in the afternoon, cutting through the
silence of death with their heartaching voices.
Cautioning those left behind to love fully and honestly
with all their hearts while they can.

Voices Of Silent Rendering

Waking from dreams of yesterday, looking through them like
pages of a book, seeing what messages may have been left when

Hearing Many Voices

Hearing many voices and opinions reaching out to American
people, some socialists, communists, republicans, demo-
crats and independents.

Young Voices

Going to a musical where our friend's Granddaughters are
singing and gesturing to words of a song in rhythm.

An adorable and endearing performance by all the young

Finding Their Voices

God is near at hand, knowing this because almost all
abortions are being banned by people in our govern-
ment who have finally found their voices for truth.

Tides Of Silent Voices

2: 32 p.m.
Counting tears of sorrow throughout these years of life,
yet knowing that tears of joy were also sliding, slipping
into and overflowing this heart with emotion.

Silent Voices - Heartbroken Sounds

This dismal day dissolves before me in every way, an
anniversary of Mom's deathly birthday.

An oppressive silence continues day and night, never


Unhurried by the insistent voice of death and aging, standing
on the particular shore of my new horizon.

Choosing the fabric and style of an inner love, forever bound

Singular Voices Uniting

Singular voices being raised in unison nowadays against evil
and terrorism, taking our country back from edges of non-
existence that's now threatening everyone here on earth.

Voices Of The Future

Standing back, realizing the voices of the future have gone beyond me.
Following the sounds left from their lonely echoes in caverns of my mind.
Adjusting, not to well, to things that have been changing in ever increasing numbers.
Letting go of every emotion, wallowing in self-pity, all by myself, no one else can linger alongside me.

Unrelenting Voices

Selecting emotions to be turned
around in musical renditions of silliness.
Creeping along the sidelines of tantamount existence,
giving an expression of inner turmoil to be spread

Voices Of Words

Stomping through my mind, music beating it's tones into voices
of words, forming poetical works to exercise my brain.
Stationing life in lonely hallways, transposing everything
heard into renditions of etudes.

Midnight Voices

Delivering messages in songs being sung from midnight voices,
being hidden in silence during daylight hours.

Concentrating interiorly as life beats at the doors of twilight,

Transient Voices

Recognizing issues of life, throwing them aside for now.
Looking to delve into a natural high as I sit and write
from memory.
Searching deeds of yesterday, hoping there are enough

Intellectual Voices

Lasting impressions confronting reality with stubborn
exertion, causing an explosion of nerve endings to
blast outwardly into inner space, taking precautions
and throwing them to the winds.

Secretive Voices

Expressions of didactic feelings open up in words,
coyly, softly, taking cues of enticement.
Being lured into a written universe over time,
adjusting daily secretive voices of eternity.

Inner Voices Silenced

Taking into consideration, a lifetime of pious deliberation, aspiring to become a part of the universe exteriorly.
Blending thoughts, language, and behavior, sending messages of coded enlightenment to ends of neurons to electrify synapses into activity.
Silencing inner voices, watching pictures flash quickly off and on the screen.

Voices Of Family

Sending messages telepathically, throughout the years, hoping to find voices of family speaking closely to my heart as I listen attentively through broadened atmospheres of eternity.
Hoping to hear expressed emotions felt from family members who loved me with unconditional caring and love.
Inspecting every nuance, keeping them in order so I may extract and write of them on any given day.

Solitary Voices

Solitary voices from the past,
whispering silently to an inner mind's ears.
Giving reminders of those I continue to love
dearly here on earth.

Rethinking Voices

Rethinking voices heard from the past,
images gaining momentum as we age and
relive them visually in our minds.
Beautifully illustrated cognitively,

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