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21st Century,
tag Making Things Easy.
with Science and technology
improving so rapidly,

We 've been together,
Thinking it would last forever.
One little fight, we scatter.
But, couldn't live without her-

Living in squalor,
Everyday Pain and Sorrow,
No better day to Follow-
Everthing in a shambles.

This could be it?
True love as it is?
Am I missing something?
Chericoco, It's you I see!

I 've been a Stranger for too long
making your expectations pile-up.
There's nothing more you need
than to be with me,

As if the world is Ending,
Impatiently waiting.
My soul wondering,
Heart pounding,

Mothers are rare jewel
bound to be kept,
For she will always show you love and care,
which in your memory cannot be swept.

Who says;
If you want to eat with Satan,
Use a long Spoon?
Stop! Dont get so confused-

Life is not as wicked as we say,
for the game
we know not how to play.
Be prepared for each day,

We 're just creatures of existence.
We scorn each other over our own belief.
What a sorry and sad circumstance,
In peace and harmony we will never live.


Dry and Sunny,
then from nowhere
Came a guest uninvited;
Took everyone unaware.

Life's a flower,
if not watered everyday
fades away.
live life everyday,

In life's battle,
a child without a mother
could be murdered.
Thus, it would be right

Life's not a dream,
dont fake-up reality.
It's very clear to see:
Life is more than it seems.

So much sand but empty,
calm you could hear nothing
not even birds singing-
just wind whirling.

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Life is all about doubting your doubts. And don't forget to spread your tentacles beyond your obstacles. Leave a comment behind. Thanks!)

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21st Century - The Good, Bad & Ugly

21st Century,
tag Making Things Easy.
with Science and technology
improving so rapidly,
Keeping people alive and Happy.
Everything made Easy.

21st Century,
tag Everything so Scrappy:
with get Rich-Quick syndrome in the Air,
Everybody now on the edge,
Honesty beginning to ebb.
Nobody wants to Help.

21st Century,
tag End Time:
with Natural disasters increasing,
Youth misbehaving,
Leaders misleading,
and Followers revolting,
21st Century;
Whatelse have you up your sleeves?

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The more her flaws I see, the more love for her I conceive!

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