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W.F.D. BLCK Poems

1. The Deepening 1/9/2015
2. Spring's Tale 1/13/2015
3. Swept So Lovely 1/15/2015
4. From The Wood That Burns 1/16/2015
5. When Love Quakes 1/17/2015
6. When Love Persists 1/18/2015
7. The Breath Of Love 1/19/2015
8. Glances Of The Past 1/20/2015
9. Bridgework 1/22/2015
10. Palace Of Love 1/23/2015
11. Threshold 1/24/2015
12. When The Colors Change 1/25/2015
13. White Beauty 2/2/2015
14. Adjacent Hearts 2/4/2015
15. The Ripping Of Silk 2/16/2015
16. Closer To You 3/3/2015
17. Tribute 3/5/2015
18. The Love Letter 3/14/2015
19. Then There Are The Mountains 3/21/2015
20. Anticipation 3/23/2015
21. The Years 3/25/2015
22. Queen Of My Desire 3/25/2015
23. Accessibility Of Love 3/1/2015
24. Grit 3/1/2015
25. Unblemished 2/8/2015
26. Devotion 2/13/2015
27. Diverse 2/17/2015
28. Resilience 2/15/2015
29. Rivers & Streams 2/14/2015

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Best Poem of W.F.D. BLCK

Rivers & Streams

Running, running as they will through nature's gates.
The spectacle below the air in sparkling motion.
Coursing upon mind, emotion touching lake and ocean.
The graceful force and beauty high jumps rustic states.
In it's sublime deliverance riles a plate of memories.
Aquatic system that supports life and freedom.
Romantic plots are shaped around it's energy and scenery.
In a poet's world symbolizes the senses and passion.
The destination and the journey once one travels rivers and streams.

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Spring's Tale

Root, stem and structure begins the cycle.
Sun is warmer open water flows free unfrozen.
Thought and action carried on the most intimate breezes.
Eye of hearts and minds will be awakened.
The time vines penetrate, contort and reach.
A bevy of colors are spread about the humping fields.
There's this feeling of possibility no other season can touch.
Longer days more radiant skies delayed desires released when it
rains. Inner motions to change twirls around the human soul.

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