RoseAnn V. Shawiak Waking Poems

Waking From A Deep Sleep

Running fast away from all the frightening aspects of the
ending of this life.

Wanting to be held and loved just for myself and nothing

Waking Life

Sentimentality fills my being on this cold morning,
touching life caressingly, waking it from deepest
slumber held onto over night.

Waking To Family Love

Expressions of children full of awe and wonder,
catching sight of Christmas cheer and beauty.
Touching everything that glitters or shines,
clapping with joy, excited about everything

Waking Moments

Loneliness permeates every waking moment until
you start doing something to chase it away.

Waking To Intensity Of Life

Thinking on another level, letting thoughts flow without
interruption, enjoying concise meanings, filling me with
an interior description of what it is my mind is seeing.

Waking To A Beating Drum

Softening the lights, letting sadness take center stage,
developing thoughts with beats of a drum, keeping pulses
moving with drum rolls down the streets of interior

Waking Thoughts

Steady beating of rhythms capturing my mind with
their staccato sounding tempos.

Brilliant and satisfying to intellect, arousing

Reluctantly Waking

Lying in bed, looking at the ceiling, wondering why
I cannot get up.

Reluctantly waking, mind thinking of you, a tired

Waking From Sorrow

Having succumbed entirely to grief, not having
realized it through it's silent being always
standing in front of me.

Waking Me

Pounding through exacting measures, feeling their power
penetrate my being, waking me to new endeavors and

Waking Souls

Waking Silently

Silently I wake from nightmares of sleep, disturbed
about what events have taken place.
Sleepily, I walk into the day's events, not caring
to know ahead of time what they will become.

Waking From Dreams

Waking from dreams, waltzing to melodies of nature
in wide open spaces of the desert.
Pleasant oasis' spread in areas befitting their
presence, showing off their beautiful pools of

Waking Up Before The Sun

Nothing like waking up before the sun, surrounded by
darkness for a while until it begins to peek over the

Waking Up Earth

Writing into the sunrise, enjoying this new day
with a complacent feeling of joy.

Watching nature waking up earth and giving of

Every Waking Hour

Pursuing music interiorly, finding it's purpose leading
me to focus on the beauty of life as I see it from this
mere poet's eyes.

Waking From Moments Of Silent Thoughts

Waking from moments of silent thoughts, ideas having been
sprouting in pathways of intellect, walking further from
life along the way.

Dreaming, Waking, Copying From Dreams

Beautiful sounds of rhythms set in melodies and harmonies
of confidence and faith in God, as this poet writes poetry
on all topics in the world, universe and interiorly.

Memories Waking

Lonely and forlorn, walking down trails of yesterday,
mind touching upon nature and it's beauty as it soothes
sorrow building within me.

Waking In Quiet Moments

Waking in quiet moments of love and memories touching
heart and mind, intellect left to figure out details of
what ends up being life.

Waking To A Poem

Rocking into the afternoon, anticipating an entire
day of writing, having started from the seconds that
I actually woke up.

Waking Nature

Cool morning breezes gently shaking all of nature, telling
it to wake up and enjoy the new day.

Birds cavorting gaily on the lawn, finding partners and

Dreams Waking

Waking This Heart From A Lonely Environment

Music waking this heart from a lonely environment that stays,
no one able to infringe upon it, because intellect focuses en-
tirely on its essence in order to continue to write poetry.

Waking From A Dream

Such a good morning, waking from a dream with
a poem in my mind and tears in my eyes.

Getting up to write it down, turned on my music


Early morning coffee, waking to a new day
with no expectations in sight.

Just playing by ear, being spontaneous as

Waking From Sorrow's Grasp

When grief is shared and spoken aloud,
it eases itself upon a shelf for a while,
allowing space to breathe and rest.

Waking America

Steadily moving forward in spite of a backwards spiral taking
me into denizens of poverty once again, having water, electric
shut off, living essentially in a cave like centuries ago.

Waking To Sounds

Waking to sounds of nature in imagination, hoping to
be calmed by their individual rhythms.
Somewhere along the way I've discovered that there
are many avenues to intellect and wisdom.

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