Walter E. Ferguson III

Walter E. Ferguson III Poems

1. The Drink 11/14/2010
2. Rise Against The Wind (Bags) 11/15/2010
3. Quatrain 11/16/2010
4. Dancing In The Rain 11/18/2010
5. Ballad Stanza: Wedding Cake 11/17/2010
6. Ozymandias Revisited 11/21/2010

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Best Poem of Walter E. Ferguson III

Ozymandias Revisited

A descendant from a traveller to an antique land

That Shelley wrote of with poetic hand

Returned to see Ozymandias.

'I saw, ' said he, ' No trunkless legs of stone;

'And of that shattered visage nothing remains

'Of that frown, and wrinkled lip of cold disdain.

'But perhaps, I heard a moan, from underground perceived a groan

'From hell. 'I am Ozymanias, ' the pedestal still read, and that was all.''

Around the pedestal was nothing but desert sand:

No sign of awe or despair was sustained in the land

And no one the king or...

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