Bijay Kant Dubey War Poems

The Iran-Iraq War

How did it cost their lives,
How had it been loss and casualties
Which but the warring peoples could not?

War Scenes

Into a war-field
Has it turned,
Missiles hitting the complexes,
Rocket launchers targeting civilian areas,

How To Avert The War!

How much grieved am I
To see children, women
In war-ravaged Ukraine,
Oh, anybody could bail of crisis

You just try to see,
The face of children,
The face of women

Where the sage, great sage to chant
Om shantih shantih shantih,
Shantih shantih shantih
For the factions engaged, engaged in war,

Is War On The Mind Of Putin?

Is war, only war
On the mind
Of Putin,
Can he not

I Am Disturbed By The War On Ukraine

Not feeling so well
By my heart and mind,
I feel it disturbed internally
By the war on Ukraine.

Russo-Ukrainian War

I do not know
Why is Russia invading Ukraine,
What does Putin want it,
What can war give to?

Israel And Palestine Conflicts, Peoples At War

They cannot talk peace,
Cannot humanism,
Welfare and development,
Humanity and progress,


How to stitch the broken hearts,
War-ravaged, conflict-torn,
Humanity struck with
Bombardment, shelling and bullet,

The Indian Soldiers Who Fought In The World War

They participated and fought
In the World War
And many of them lost their lives,
The soldiers of where,

The Third World War (If It Gets Misprinted As)

When was it fought
And who fought it
And with what weapon?

Say, no,
No to nuclear wars,
Nuclear wars,

America Should Think Before Going To War With North Korea

There's nothing to be hot-brained,
But cool, cool, calm
Just like the North Korean counterpart.

In the name of fanaticism, many a war
Has been fought,
How many

I Cannot Support The War With China

Why shall we have to go by
Whatever do they it,
All know it well
That the Reds are


Soldiers, soldiers,
They too are men,
Not for pushing them
To the front-line

Are You Going To Devastate The Earth By The Third World War?

Never, never
Do you
As such,
No, no,


Hamen yuddha nahin,
Shanti chahiye
Sainik mar rahen hain,
Kya dekhne mein accha lagega,


The Kashimir separatists and extremists
Will put the spark
To the highly inflammable
And will it all,

The fallen soldiers be it of Pakistan or India
I cannot talk of,
Cannot call them martyrs,
If the Indian soldiers are the sons of

The inflammatory speeches,
Tougher tongue and rhetoric
Of the home minister and the defense minister,
I like it not

What are they doing,
It is not the right time for war
At the borders
Firing and shelling upon

I Can Never Approve Of The Indo-Pak War

Whatever say you about
The tension escalating, brewing,
War pitch ready for,
People driven by frenzy or fever,

It will be our foolishness
To pride over
Our arms and ammunition,
Nuclear stockpiles,

To Go Into War With Pakistan Will Not Be Good For India

To go into war with Pakistan
Will not be
Good for India
If it thinks it not rightly,

Do not shell, do not bombard
The Syrian daughter,
My daughter,
My little afraid of,

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