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Warden Vukeya is a South African poet who was born in Greenfarm Village under small town called Malamulele. He grew up reading novels and stories to his family and has a passion for writing.

He is a South African Author with a unique writing style that provides a reading experience unlike any other. As he say " I'm so appreciative and deli ...

Warden Vukeya Poems


Sore soul seeking for help,
Thus before him, confess
Bridges badly broken to carry on
Oppressed mind through criticism

I Cry

A closer look at my penury life
I cry from deep inside
I beg from deep inside
I beg not to have it all, but for sufficiency

Ever Raining

Alone in the world of hopeless
All over her face, it was raining
So desperately, she sought
For someone, for warmth

The Road Of Life

A gravel road, as rough as it may seem
With humps and rocks to interdict
Curvy or straight, near or far
The road is to be traveled


Across the world, I have traveled
Among the poor and the rich, I have lived
At work, some seek positions, some quit
Behind doors, the good and the bad occurs

Warden Vukeya Quotes

22 October 2016

To have enough is to appreciate what is present.

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