Francis Duggan Weather Poems

Such Beautiful Weather

The wattlebirds calling on the flowering gum trees
On a beautiful day in mid Winter of around eighteen degrees
Such beautiful weather for the time of year
Six weeks to September and Spring is drawing near

Typical Victoria Weather

The sun it does seem to be struggling through the dark gray clouds for to shine
And though rain is in the weather forecast the day it is holding out fine
'Tis the typical sort of weather one expects of Victoria's Fall
Threatening to rain very often though on the dry side overall

The Weather Warming Up A Bit

The weather warming up a bit it's getting warm today
And people for the weekend will be heading for the bay
To do a bit of fishing and relax by the sea
To surf or go skin diving or have a sea side tea.

Victoria's Weather

On fifth day of September five days into the Spring
The currawongs the birds of rain on the high gum trees sing
And weather back to Winter change and chill the breezes blow
And it's been hailing all the day and cold enough to snow.

Splendid Weather For July

The mighty river swelled by recent downpour flows through the flat gray country near the sea
It crawls onward to meet and join saltwater far from it's birthplace in the high country
A winter sun is shining in the clear sky a pleasant enough day for time of year
And two miles off the rumblings of the surf waves in the silence of the evening one can hear.

For Late June Remarkable Weather

The golfers on the greens are putting in their short sleeved shirts in the sun
And by the mirthful ring of their laughter it would seem they are having fun
On a beautiful morning in Winter seems more like a day in the Spring
And on trees bordering the golf course the white backed magpies carol and sing.

How Nice To Be Out In The Weather

How nice to be out in the weather on this beautiful breezy Summer's day
The sun shining bright in the blue sky with only a few clouds of gray
The wildbirds are chirping and singing in this park by the Pacific shore
It is true of lovers of Nature that each day they do love her more

The Weather

The weather humid and warm over forty degrees
With a sweaty warmth in the freshening breeze
Blowing above the brown paddocks from the sunlit bay
The sun is glowing hot in the blue sky today

The Weather Humid And Warm

The weather humid and warm over forty degrees
With a sweaty warmth in the freshening breeze
Blowing above the brown paddocks from the sunlit bay
The sun is glowing hot in the blue sky today

Such Beautiful Weather For Late Autumn And May

Such beautiful weather for late Autumn and May
In the blue and sunny sky just a few clouds of gray
Of a cool though a very mild coastal breeze
And the wild birds are chirping on the bushes and trees

The Weather Is Warm

The weather is warm near thirty degrees
And so very humid without any breeze
The sun it is hidden in clouds of darker gray
It does look like rain cannot be far away

The Weather Is Breezy

The weather is breezy and windy and cool
Which is sometimes the case in windy Warrnambool
In the last week of october with summer ever near
The weather changes quickly at this time of year

Though The Weather Not Even Chilly

Though the weather not even chilly i am feeling cold
It must be that time has left me feeling old
Though there is a slight chill in the freshening mountain breeze
One can hardly say it is cold at fourteen degrees

Going By The Weather Forecast

Going by the weather forecast of today
A cold and a wet weekend is on the way
A low of a very chilly three degrees
That is just above the point of freeze

The Weather It Is Rather Pleasant

I am one without cause for worry and it is such a beautiful day
Considering the calendar Winter approaching since we are in the first week of May
The weather it is rather pleasant for the latter end of the Fall
The silver bill magpies are singing and in the park children play ball

Such Beautiful Weather For April

Such beautiful weather for April in the far southern Fall
Going by the keepers of weather records the warmest Autumn of all
Since the keeping of weather temperatures began
Near a century of Autumns ago in time quite a span

In Almost Perfect Weather

At a table on the sidewalk by a cafe in the town by the sea
Four middle aged women sit chatting enjoying cake and tea
In almost perfect weather around twenty three degrees
With a nice warmth in the sunshine and a gentle breeze

Nature's Own Weather Forecasters

I do not need to switch on the radio the weather forecast for to hear
When i hear the currawongs singing i know heavy rainfall is near
They are Nature's own weather forecasters the dark crow sized birds pied currawong
As forecasters of storms and heavy rain they never seem to get it wrong

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