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Weldon Kees was born in Beatrice, Nebraska, on February 24, 1914. His father, John Kees, owned a hardware store. As a boy, Kees had an interest in music, art, and writing. He also published his own movie magazine. In 1935, he graduated from the University of Nebraska with a B.A. degree. While still in college, Kees began to publish fiction in many ...

Weldon Kees Poems

A Musician's Wife

Between the visits to the shock ward
The doctors used to let you play
On the old upright Baldwin
Donated by a former patient


The dog stops barking after Robinson has gone.
His act is over. The world is a gray world,
Not without violence, and he kicks under the grand piano,
The nightmare chase well under way.

A Distance From The Sea

To Ernest Brace

"And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was
about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto

Covering Two Years

This nothingness that feeds upon itself:
Pencils that turn to water in the hand,
Parts of a sentence, hanging in the air,
Thoughts breaking in the mind like glass,


The porchlight coming on again,
Early November, the dead leaves
Raked in piles, the wicker swing
Creaking. Across the lots

Weldon Kees Comments

Midnight Solitude 11 December 2011

One of America's greatest poets.

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Pietro Roversi 19 February 2010

True great poetry, like Dickinson, Stevens or Moore, hard to read but the reward is definitively there!

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Lamont Palmer 25 November 2006

Kees is probably the greatest obscure poet of the 20th century in American poetry. Nearly on par with Stevens in his words and music. -LP

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Evelyn 16 July 2018

Why would anyone imagine that we'd want to hear poetry read in a robotic computerized voice, with no sense of the poem's mood or tone or cadence? It's horrible!

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Thomas. Goodwin 22 February 2018

Trying to get my workout

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Thomas Goodwin 15 December 2017

Trying to get my name out there

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Constance Steckel 01 December 2013

Kees deserves to be much better known. The New Yorker did publish many of his poems.

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