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1. Angel Of Mine 9/21/2011
2. My Personal Angel! ! ! ! 2/20/2013
3. Help Me Stay Strong… 2/20/2013
4. Love Of My Life! ! 2/20/2013
5. 'Friends For Ever 2/20/2013
6. Why Grandma? 2/20/2013
7. Missing You! ! ! ! 2/20/2013
8. My Baby Girl…. 2/20/2013
9. Wonders Of My Life…. 2/20/2013
10. Why Me! ! 2/20/2013
11. She's An Outcast 2/21/2013
12. Struggling 3/8/2013
13. America The Beautiful.. 7/8/2014
14. Who Is That Girl In The Mirror! ! 7/8/2014
15. Fighting This Life… 7/8/2014
16. Faith And Courage In My Life… 7/8/2014
17. To My Daughter Shalia... 3/1/2011
18. My Husband 3/1/2011
19. I Love You Uncle Jeff 7/8/2014
20. My Sister 4/27/2016
21. My Grandpa 4/27/2016
22. Forever Friends 4/27/2016
23. Darkness 5/9/2016
24. Raccing Through Life 6/22/2016
25. Hard To Say Goodbye 'Love You Kerry' 3/2/2011
26. A Man Called Dad! ! ! 8/31/2011
27. Heavens My Home Now.. 2/28/2011
28. I Love You Sister.. 7/8/2014
29. Dizzy In Love 8/8/2011
30. My Friend I Dearly Love... 8/31/2011
31. My Daughter Brittany 3/1/2011

My Daughter Brittany

On the special day of October 4,1995
God gave me the perfect daughter,
A mother can dream about
You fill my life with laughter
Our love will never doubt
The moment my eyes first looked at you
I knew my dreams had all came true
As a little girl you were very shy
You're important in my life i'll never deny
The bond we created from my womb,
To the day you were born
Its a mother and daughter bind, that can
never be torn
I could'nt be any prouder, than I am today of you
You are my daughter, and my friend
And a wonderful person too
I know that i am ...

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Heavens My Home Now..

I know how much you love me,
As much as I love you.
And each time you think of me,
I know you'll miss me to.
Please try to understand,
That this beautiful angel came down
And called my name, And took me by the hand
She said my place was ready in heaven far above,
And that i would have to leave behind

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