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1. Angel Of Mine 9/21/2011
2. My Personal Angel! ! ! ! 2/20/2013
3. Help Me Stay Strong… 2/20/2013
4. Love Of My Life! ! 2/20/2013
5. 'Friends For Ever 2/20/2013
6. Why Grandma? 2/20/2013
7. Missing You! ! ! ! 2/20/2013
8. My Baby Girl…. 2/20/2013
9. Wonders Of My Life…. 2/20/2013
10. Why Me! ! 2/20/2013
11. She's An Outcast 2/21/2013
12. Struggling 3/8/2013
13. America The Beautiful.. 7/8/2014
14. Who Is That Girl In The Mirror! ! 7/8/2014
15. Fighting This Life… 7/8/2014
16. Faith And Courage In My Life… 7/8/2014
17. To My Daughter Shalia... 3/1/2011
18. My Husband 3/1/2011
19. I Love You Uncle Jeff 7/8/2014
20. My Sister 4/27/2016
21. My Grandpa 4/27/2016
22. Forever Friends 4/27/2016
23. Darkness 5/9/2016
24. Raccing Through Life 6/22/2016
25. Hard To Say Goodbye 'Love You Kerry' 3/2/2011
26. A Man Called Dad! ! ! 8/31/2011
27. Heavens My Home Now.. 2/28/2011
28. I Love You Sister.. 7/8/2014
29. Dizzy In Love 8/8/2011
30. My Friend I Dearly Love... 8/31/2011
31. My Daughter Brittany 3/1/2011

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My Daughter Brittany

On the special day of October 4,1995
God gave me the perfect daughter,
A mother can dream about
You fill my life with laughter
Our love will never doubt
The moment my eyes first looked at you
I knew my dreams had all came true
As a little girl you were very shy
You're important in my life i'll never deny
The bond we created from my womb,
To the day you were born
Its a mother and daughter bind, that can
never be torn
I could'nt be any prouder, than I am today of you
You are my daughter, and my friend
And a wonderful person too
I know that i am ...

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To My Daughter Shalia...

My beautiful daughter, I was blessed that fine day I had you,
You will never know how proud I am of all the things you do.
You placed your little hand in mine, there was no denying my
Heart was yours 'TILL THE END OF TIME'.
I have watched you throughout the years
Laugh, cry and grow
And it is difficult to know that someday i
will have to let you go
As i watch you grow, now entering Jr.High

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