Wesongah David

Rookie (5th september 1985 / Kenya)

Wesongah David Poems

1. Fixation 11/9/2007
2. The People I Trust 11/13/2007
3. For Whom We Loved 11/28/2007
4. For Whom Shall We Sing? 12/6/2007
5. The Denouement 12/14/2007
6. Was Battered, And Bruised 12/14/2007
7. Flight Of Love 12/14/2007
8. Dancing To My Lonely Pains 1/5/2008
9. The Denouement -For Kenya 2008 2/2/2008
10. A Serenade To The Streets 2/6/2008
11. Whom Shall We Stand For? 2/22/2008
12. We Shall Be Again 10/30/2007
13. Should You Take My Hand 11/2/2007
14. We Were Then, Now 2/25/2008
15. The Heart By Itself 5/8/2008
16. Locks 5/8/2008
17. Sights Serenity 5/8/2008
18. A Line To Infinity. And Beyond 5/8/2008
19. Solitary Bloom 5/8/2008
20. Coming Through 5/8/2008
21. Momentary Qualm 9/21/2008
22. Inferno 10/7/2008
23. The Unflinching Eye 10/28/2008
24. On The Part Of The Fore 10/28/2008
25. Simple Verses- Seasons For All We Had. 11/4/2008
26. Last Night 11/4/2008
27. When The Trumpet Goes 11/4/2008
28. Ah! The Good Life 11/4/2008
29. A Primus Of Thought 11/4/2008
30. For All The Love, None 11/4/2008
31. A Sad Poesy 12/12/2008
32. Passion On A Broken Petal 12/12/2008
33. Love Save For Love 12/12/2008
34. A Wrathto None 12/12/2008
35. A Sonnet In Solitude 12/12/2008
36. Of Hearts And Epochs Pained 8/31/2009
37. Tales Hinged On A Portrait 8/31/2009
38. Victim Of My Own Wanting 10/31/2007
39. A Teen On Not Knowing 11/6/2007
40. Love, Exodus 2/25/2008

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Best Poem of Wesongah David

I Stand Tall-Yet Again

From the gloom that you dumped me,
The unfathomable abyss I was thrust into,
I exonerate myself of ambiance, heavenly disguise.
Disgusted you were with my pride,
And you let the onus fall much heavier,
But I still stand tall.

Are you surprised to see me?
You thought the swagger was gone?
You forgot of the coming of seasons,
Like summer, in winter it looks far off,
But like the high tides, it comes to pass,
And so shall I stand tall again.

You expected me begging for a pittance,
Sunken eyes laboring for pity,
Ribs through my tattered ...

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I Shall Return.

I shall return,
To walk by the cool streams barefoot,
And munch on the thick grasses,
Listening to to the lullabies of the birds,
I shall surely return.

To fall asleep in the open fields,
and let thy dreams wander..
I shall write again,

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