Kenneth Maswabi Wickedness Poems

The Chalice Of Wickedness

This is not a glass of wine
It is something far darker than red wine
It is the heart of Man turned upside down
By the poisonous substance of hate, jealousy and selfishness

The Face Of Wickedness

Many have been fed the soup of ideologies
In the name of education, science, politics and religion
Intoxicated by their new found belief systems
They stood on the podium of the house of humanity

Wickedness, A Pedestal For The Foolish

No one formulated this concoction
There is no formula to this equation
There is no hope in this malignancy
It's a cancer that destroys the mind, body and spirit

Expectations Are A Source Of Wickedness

On the ladder of wickedness
Ego is the number one source of wickedness
Selfishness comes at position two
Expectations is tied at position two with selfishness


It is not uncommon for the human mind to choose wickedness
As the basis for every decision and indecision made
It is true that human decisions can positively or negatively impact humanity
It is not true that wickedness is reserved for witches and sorcerers

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