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dear beloved
time flies unheeded
our days apart stretched
our love tormented

Fear is a battalion of mercenary chemicals
Capable of incapacitating even the most hardened of individuals
In the absence of faith, hope, Love and sometimes courage
Fear is stealthily deployed to incinerate the mind, body and spirit

On this path
I strive to be a Poet
Not because I am an artist
But because I am a Seeker

Born out of joy
Jovial moments are captured
By the wavering laughter
Bursting out of a happy heart

Her soul stitched to her garment with a paintbrush
Arousing her heart to dream
Ready to shout with joy
Celebrating the life full of butterflies


the bold eagle
flying far above your head
in times of peace
masquerading as a dove

The stepping-stone of the gods
Standing high above the clouds
With the snow white veil
And a magnificently erect pose

I have listened to man preach
Swallowing the sacred nectar
And vomiting it in rejection
It is the dejection of the spirit

Deep inside the river of consciousness
Beautiful pearls are being created
Beyond the imagination of men (and women)
Life is being re-configured and refined

It's been a while
Since I took my medicine
My heart is thumping
My head is spinning


The shadows are for spies
Their ghostly entrance unknown
Arousing no suspicion
With their kindly gestures

I am mesmerized by the substance of life
It's not the cellular biology that I have fallen for
The cytoplasm and the intracellular spaces
The golgi bodies and the nucleus

In His glory
God is full of unconditional Love
In His unconditional Love
God is full of mercy

Today I want to step into your sorrow
Walk over your tears
Find your soul
Hold your heart

The jagged edge of the knife
Pierced the puffed face of resilience
Now, humanity is at his wits' end
Unable to wake up from this nightmare

The inner and outer realms of life
Remain separated by a veil of unawareness
It's not the thickness of the veil
That hides the truth

Eternity has no beginning and end
Wisdom cannot be measured by mathematical formula
The truth stand unequaled in the scale of history
Love is a masterpiece awash with mysterious spells

I am travelling inward
Between the Milky Way and the Soul
Into the dimensionless world of consciousness
Into the seclusion of my heart

Created with the purest of Love
The Soul looks at humanity with bleeding eyes
Suffering multiple stab wounds at the hands of politicians,
Capitalists, and religious fundamentalists

Step into the world of consciousness
And learn to be free
To walk naked inside your imagination
Exploring the secrets of the universe

Kenneth Maswabi Biography

I am in a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. My pen is my walking stick and my studio is my inner silence (heart) . Ever since I can remember I have always been a quiet and humble human being. In this quietness, I became aware of the silence within and in this silence i became aware of my emptiness. In my emptiness, I was liberated from ego, I am now fully in Love. I am a Lover. My life is a mystery and I don't know my destination. In this mystery, life is unfolded in pages and pages of poetry.)

The Best Poem Of Kenneth Maswabi

Long Distance Love

dear beloved
time flies unheeded
our days apart stretched
our love tormented
punctured by the passing time
temptations in our hearts
threatening our accord
intoxicating our minds
with wild thoughts
brainwashing our hearts
with forbidden desires
the source of wickedness

dear beloved
the boat of our love
is ever rocked by the feisty winds
hostile waves bashing us nonstop
bruising our hearts
with their powerful emotions
breaking our love
with their convincing force
severing our bond
with their sharp edge
condemning our love
with their lightening touch

dear beloved
hold onto our love
do not allow time to trick you
stay away from those temptations
abstain your mind from those wild thoughts
never open the lid of the pot of the forbidden desires
pray hard for the feisty winds to pass
and the storm to die
for the boat of our love is strong.

Kenneth Maswabi Comments

Fabrizio Frosini 01 December 2015

I've much appreciated your joining my publishing project ''POETRY AGAINST TERROR'', Kenneth. First, because you're a good poet, than also because you're a.. colleague doctor.. :) - Thank you! BTW, the project is going very well: 67 poets have answered positively, and 53 of them [from 33 different Countries] have already sent their poem. On Christmas time OUR EBOOK will be published! Cheers

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Kenneth Maswabi 01 December 2015

Thank you Fabrizio for your invitation.It is my pleasure to be part of good course.I wish you all the success with this project. I will be honored to be part of it. Thank you.

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Pamela Sinicrope 17 May 2016

I am a fan of Kenneth's writing. He is a wonderful poet who covers a range of human emotions as well as social issues through powerful natural metaphors and similes. His writing is very different from my own and I appreciate those differences and am often surprised by his writing and made to think. He also writes with fierce passion and commitment. Thanks for your contributions.

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Rajnish Manga 23 December 2016

The poet is constantly making an attempt for restoration of peace every where in the world through his amazingly simple yet emphatic poetry. His commitment is laudable and should be emulated by others in all parts of the world. I wish him a strong fan following and success.

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Kenneth Maswabi 27 July 2020

Dear Lyn's much a pleasure to read your kind comments. I am forever humbled and inspired by your beautiful words. Thank you very much. Best regards,

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Lyn Paul 13 June 2020

I have just read Kenneth's (Dr Ken's) " Spiritual Path" A much needed read for the world. With the Covid 19 and A blind president who has caused 4 years of terror. The world has now woken to so much. Thank You Kenneth for I have read your work over the years and your words are trying desperately to " Peace " (piece) us all as one. There is hope!

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Prabir Gayen 16 May 2019

Very talented poet...God bless you... Thanks///////

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Kenneth Maswabi 10 January 2019

Wow, my dear poet Kamarmani Mahakul, i just saw your post from 10/25/2018 and i am is an honor beyond words Sir, thank you very much for your appreciation. Stay blessed.

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How seldom poets meet each other's poems results. I have not known this either, Dr. Maswabi, beautiful AKA Elegant Emorion. Wow, CONGRATULATIONS, Dr. Maswabi. God's Blessings in Abundance, best wishes from The Netherlands (Nederland)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 25 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH Family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Kenneth Maswabi as, Elegant Emotion. From today onward he will be known as Elegant Emotion Kenneth Maswabi. This title is offered due to his high standard perseverance of literature. We hope all poets, people and visitors will like this.

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Kenneth Maswabi Quotes

The dreams in a shadow are a reflection of the illusion that is life

the light hides shadows of ghosts from our eyes and darkness hides ghosts from our eyes.

the shadow of silence is emptiness

Reveal no secrets and die a spy

The future is in our heads

Dreams make up half my thoughts and the rest is love.

Secrets do not taste good in sunlight secrets are best left in the dark(secrets)

Life without dreams is like a garden without flowers

Life has a way of throwing apples at us but occasionally it throws stone

Faith is neither small nor large

Money is not the evil root, it just exposes it in people.

'I have looked to God for godliness and i have looked to man for humanity and I still believe that human beings have an inexhaustible amount of humanity in them'

Humanity is an attribute of Man

I have known pain and i've known loss but it is still easy to fall in love. Love is my addiction.

So many emotions boiling in one pot. I am a poet.

I have fed my heart all sorts of love; cold, warm, hot, spicy, bitter, sweet...etc. Now, i cannot feel my heart anymore

The grey areas are often full of controversy.

Loving humanity is the best relationship you can have with God. Stay focused.

To forgive is to show-off your beautiful soul.

To be humble is to accept your humanity.

Poetry is the language of the soul. Get in touch with your soul.

No other emotion reveals the existence of the soul like crying.Be real to yourself, it's okay to cry.

Find your soul and you'll find your poems.

My number one rule is to love everyone. I love you.

I am an agent of goodness and love. Watch out, i'm coming to a place near you...your heart.

The united state of humanity is LOVE

The united state of humanity is LOVE

Love was never meant to be rationed. Love is an abundant commodity. You only need to open your heart.

Wisdom is found inside the well of Love. To Love is to be wise.

Loving yourself is not equal to loving others. Love others as you love yourself

There is only one way to a happy and fruitful life. LOVE.

Expectations have ruined a lot of lives.

There is no hospitable place than a loving heart.

I love many things but loving is my first Love. I love Love.

Everything can be tamed including your mind.

I have stopped chasing after Love. Now, i grow Love inside my heart.

I have stopped chasing after Love. Now, i grow Love inside my heart.

Love is ever ready to enter your heart. All you need to do is to stop all negative thoughts. Love is a service to humanity and God.

Negative thoughts are the foundation for a miserable life.

Life has no meaning without Love. Live life with Love.

To Love is to open your heart to more Love.

I have searched everywhere for Love and the only place i found it was inside my heart. Love is in your heart.

You can only begin to live a good life when you have mastered the art of Love. Love freely, love all.

Peace is found inside the mind. Tame your thoughts, think positive and you'll find peace.

Love is medicine for my heart.

Beautiful memories are sometimes made inside the room of silence.

Today, i walked inside true friendship. I am a happy soul.

Tie your yesterdays to your today in order to untie your tomorrow (future) .

It's inside the room of silence where we feel our consciousness.

I am neither black nor white. I am Humanity.

Kenneth Maswabi Popularity

Kenneth Maswabi Popularity

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