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The rainy sky delighted
Coldly, brightly
Clouds came soupy, seized you

Love is the thing after petals
spreads the colorful trusts
onto the day of overcasts
even just white as doves

In the name of God
For all battle in my heart
To someone special
With the most believable heart

Last time where I meet thee
Remember, where it supposed to be?
A room where we gloomy
Teardrops, oh, it was so creepy

S ilence—is her natural music
Y outh—is her grace output
I nner white—is her primary color
F aith—is her first urgent

I have a gentle hair as black as night
But my gentle cloth of veil covers her
I have a smooth skin as white as clouds
But my smooth cloth of dress covers her

The rain falls the street and slower and slower
bring me a little piece of winter
How beautiful is the white cute graceful flower
I catch her I crave her I keep her

I saw a distaste covered your real faces
As the clouds blocked the blue sky
Then I waited for a thunderstorm
that would never come

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Tears Of The Moon

The rainy sky delighted
Coldly, brightly
Clouds came soupy, seized you

I'm chained in the shapeless light
Your looking went nothing
To be unseen, clouds covered

13 nights ran away
You're home
Fully, whole of you
by yourself

Once stars evaded me
Clouds allowed you
I flattered your glimmering stare
Then hugged your face on my tight

From the deepest depth in heart
Ya Allah
Teach me to thank yours

March 2009

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Saadat Tahir 12 July 2010

beautiful titles....well chosen enjoyable just to read these.....now to ur poetry... cheers

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