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Muir Woods

Afternoon gray off the Golden Gate Bridge
Clears away now to a lingering blue
With expansive day soaked in bright sunlight;
Tourists ride through wealthy Marin County
As their guide recounts his own narrative
Of the way things used to be in the great
Long-distant past of San Francisco, gone -
"Everything was safe and clean in those days,
Children could walk the streets alone at night, "
He sighs, driving the big bus uphill
To a park submerged in Redwood shadow.

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Leaves rustling green in the summer field,
Lying like day on the afternoon.

Eyelashes curling all the way to fast doom,
The endless splurge of sun on the breeze.

Birds in their sequestered trees,
Singing the song of the park life fey.

Daylight spread like a picnic cloth,
The trapping trill of dullard joy.