William Henry Drummond

(13 April, 1854 – 6 April, 1907 / Mohill, County Leitrim)

William Henry Drummond Poems

41. Madrigal 1/4/2003
42. Madeleine Vercheres 4/12/2010
43. Memories 4/12/2010
44. This Life Which Seems So Fair 1/13/2003
45. De Stove Pipe Hole 4/12/2010
46. Spring Bereaved 2 1/4/2003
47. De Papineau Gun 4/12/2010
48. Johnnie's First Moose 4/12/2010
49. Summons To Love 1/13/2003
50. De Snowbird 4/12/2010
51. De Habitant 4/12/2010
52. Bateese And His Little Decoys 4/12/2010
53. Invocation 1/4/2003
54. Autumn Days 4/12/2010
55. The Log Jam 5/17/2001
56. Inexorable 1/4/2003
57. To His Lute 1/13/2003
58. Saint John Baptist 1/4/2003
59. To The Nightingale 1/13/2003
60. Johnnie Courteau 4/12/2010
61. Change Should Breed Change 1/4/2003
62. Le Vieux Temps 5/17/2001
63. Her Passing 1/4/2003
64. A Lament 1/13/2003
65. De Notaire Publique 4/12/2010
66. De Nice Leetle Canadienne 5/17/2001
67. How Bateese Came Home 5/17/2001
68. The Wreck Of The "Julie Plante": A Legend Of Lac St. Pierre 12/31/2002
69. Little Bateese 5/17/2001
Best Poem of William Henry Drummond

Little Bateese

You bad leetle boy, not moche you care
How busy you 're kipin' your poor gran'pere
Tryin' to stop you ev'ry day
Chasin' de hen aroun' de hay-
W'y don't you geev' dem a chance to lay?
Leetle Bateese!

Off on de fiel' you foller de plough
Den w'en you 're tire you scare the cow
Sickin' de dog till dey jomp the wall
So de milk ain't good for not'ing at all-
An' you 're only five an' a half dis fall,
Leetle Bateese!

Too sleepy for sayin' de prayer to-night?
Never min' I s'pose it 'll be all ...

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Le Vieux Temps

1 Venez ici, mon cher ami, an' sit down by me--so
2 An' I will tole you story of old tam long ago--
3 W'en ev'ryt'ing is happy--w'en all de bird is sing
4 An' me!--I'm young an' strong lak moose an' not afraid no t'ing.

5 I close my eye jus' so, an' see de place w'ere I am born--
6 I close my ear an' lissen to musique of de horn,
7 Dat 's horn ma dear ole moder blow--an only t'ing she play
8 Is 'viens donc vite Napoléon--'peche toi pour votre souper.'--

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