William Shakespeare

(26 April 1564 - 23 April 1616 / Warwickshire)

William Shakespeare Poems

41. Sonnet Lxix 5/21/2001
42. Sonnet Xxxiii 5/21/2001
43. Sonnet Lxxxvi 5/21/2001
44. Sonnet Xl 5/21/2001
45. Sonnet Vi 5/21/2001
46. Sonnet Xcix 5/21/2001
47. Sonnet Lxxi 12/31/2002
48. Sonnets Xvi 1/4/2003
49. Sonnet Lv 5/21/2001
50. Sonnet Lxxxiii 5/21/2001
51. Sonnet Xvii 5/21/2001
52. Sonnet Xi 5/21/2001
53. Sonnets Iii 1/4/2003
54. Sonnet Cxxxiv 5/18/2001
55. Sonnet Xciii 5/21/2001
56. Sonnets Xix: Devouring Time, Blunt Thou The Lion's Paws 1/1/2004
57. Sonnet Xvi 5/21/2001
58. Sonnet Xlvi 5/21/2001
59. Sonnets Liii: What Is Your Substance, Whereof Are You Made 1/1/2004
60. Sonnet Xlii 5/21/2001
61. Sonnet Xxiii 5/21/2001
62. Sonnet V: Those Hours, That With Gentle Work Did Frame 1/3/2003
63. Sonnet Xxii 5/21/2001
64. Sonnet Lxxxix 5/21/2001
65. Sonnet Lix 5/21/2001
66. Sonnet Xiv 5/21/2001
67. Sonnet Lxxxi 5/21/2001
68. Sonnet Iv: Unthrifty Loveliness, Why Dost Thou Spend 1/3/2003
69. Where The Bee Sucks (from The Tempest) 6/10/2015
70. Sonnets Xv 1/4/2003
71. Sonnet Xxxvi 5/21/2001
72. Sonnet Lxxxvii 5/21/2001
73. Sonnet Xliii 5/21/2001
74. Sonnets Xxv: Let Those Who Are In Favour With Their Stars 1/1/2004
75. Sonnet Lxxiii 12/31/2002
76. Sonnet Lxxxv 5/21/2001
77. Sonnet Xli 5/21/2001
78. Sonnet Cxxxix 5/18/2001
79. Sonnet 7: “lo In The Orient When The Gracious Light…” 3/30/2010
80. Sonnet Xc 5/21/2001

Comments about William Shakespeare

  • Nell Carey (5/21/2016 3:38:00 PM)

    Sheakespeare's bicentenary this year. One of the greatest poets of all time and a favourite of mine.

    79 person liked.
    213 person did not like.
  • Adolphus Moses Adolphus Moses (5/11/2016 3:30:00 PM)

    my mentor. God bless ur soul

  • Md. Anisur Rahman Md. Anisur Rahman (5/5/2016 1:59:00 AM)

    I love him about his theater, tragic drama and poems. Helmat is a great creation of him.

  • Ramesh T A Ramesh T A (4/26/2016 8:16:00 AM)

    Born and dead on Avon the same date,23rd April
    Romantic playwright Shakespeare none can ignore!
    He ever lives in his 32 Plays and 154 Sonnets......!

    His plays are mirror to life reflecting about humans
    In seven ages of men opening the curtain to show
    As child, pupil, lover, soldier, courtier, wise, old man!

    What a quintessence of precious dust man is, he says!
    Warrior, philosophic in nature, gentle and noble man
    Surely cannot take revenge on murderer of his father!

    Unlike Hamlet, Prince Hal jovial with fat Falstaff, yet
    At the time of emergency fights bravely for nation
    And proves himself to be worthy son to his father!

    That character Shakespeare develops further into
    His favourite hero Richard III and gives a sketch
    And full picture to the best he can to immortality!

    Comedy or Tragedy or history, he shows his skill,
    Power and range depicting characters none can forget
    And refer in life parallel happenings to one and all!

    Whoever loved, that loved not at first sight.....?
    Love at first sight we came to know from him first!
    Romeo and Juliet & Antony and Cleopatra live long!

    Star crossed lovers' hearts stricken with arrow
    Cupid boy releases from his bow never fails and
    Lovers live or die together to be immortals ever!

    Cleopatra's serpentine beauty captures hearts of
    Emperor Julius Caesar and his faithful friend Antony
    Till death and suicides herself by the bite of snake!

    He creates romantic love life controlled by Nature
    At first and at the end of his career makes Nature
    Go under the control of man envisaging future too!

    For him life is such stuff as dreams are made on
    And is rounded off with a sleep at the end sure!
    Closing curtain so in blank verse he ends in sonnets!

  • Fabrizio Frosini Fabrizio Frosini (4/18/2016 3:33:00 AM)

    2016 has been named ''the year of Shakespeare & Cervantes'', since they died 400 years ago (***April 1616) and to underline how much the two writers have in common.
    ***Indeed, they died almost in the same day: both writers were traditionally thought to have died on April 23 (and for this reason this day became World Book Day) .

  • Kelly Kurt Kelly Kurt (4/2/2016 1:33:00 AM)

    Conscious and appreciated but overrated currently

  • Mike Reeks Mike Reeks (3/1/2016 1:58:00 AM)

    He had a complete understanding of the human condition. He defined us, defined who we are. His language, his amazing vocabulary, his range of expression, his imagery, his poetry are all unsurpassed. He is a part of our every day lives. We quote him without knowing. He is a part of the English language.

  • Katie Hughes Katie Hughes (2/4/2016 8:50:00 AM)

    A poet that we must keep in our minds and our souls forevermore. He was the king of imagination at that time, but we must look to our future generations for the lasting of our poetic heritage.

  • Chetan Pandey Chetan Pandey (12/16/2015 9:04:00 PM)

    A poet who is still there among us...... He is the king of imagination

  • Ibrahim B . y (12/15/2015 7:38:00 AM)

    "faint heart never won fair lady "

Best Poem of William Shakespeare

All The World's A Stage

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms.
Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress' eyebrow. Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in ...

Read the full of All The World's A Stage

Sonnet Li

Thus can my love excuse the slow offence
Of my dull bearer when from thee I speed:
From where thou art why should I haste me thence?
Till I return, of posting is no need.
O, what excuse will my poor beast then find,
When swift extremity can seem but slow?
Then should I spur, though mounted on the wind;
In winged speed no motion shall I know:
Then can no horse with my desire keep pace;

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