William Shenstone

(1714 - 1763 / England)

William Shenstone Poems

1. Elegy Xx. He Compares His Humble Fortune With The Distress Of Others 4/19/2010
2. Song Xii. - O'Er Desert Plains, And Rushy Meres 4/19/2010
3. Song V. - On Every Tree, In Every Plain 4/19/2010
4. Song Vii. - When Bright Roxana Treads The Green 4/19/2010
5. Song Xix. - When Bright Ophelia Treads The Green 4/19/2010
6. To A Lady, With Some Coloured Patterns Of Flowers 4/19/2010
7. To A Friend 4/19/2010
8. Elegy Xxi. Taking A View Of The Country From His Retirement 4/19/2010
9. Elegy Xxiii. Reflections Suggested By His Situation 4/19/2010
10. Love And Honor 4/19/2010
11. Inscription For A Medicinal Fountain At The Leasowes 4/19/2010
12. On Certain Pastorals 4/19/2010
13. Jemmy Dawson 4/19/2010
14. Love And Music. Written At Oxford, When Young 4/19/2010
15. Nancy Of The Vale 4/19/2010
16. Elegy Xxiv. He Takes Occasion, From The Fate Of Eleanor Of Bretagne 4/19/2010
17. Elegy Xxv. To Delia, With Some Flowers 4/19/2010
18. Elegy Xviii. He Repeats The Song Of Colin, A Discerning Shepherd 4/19/2010
19. Flirt And Phil 4/19/2010
20. Elegy Xiii. To A Friend, On Some Slight Occasion Estranged From Him 4/19/2010
21. The Princess Elizabeth, When A Prisoner At Woodstock, 1554 4/19/2010
22. Song Xviii. - Imitated From The French 4/19/2010
23. Song Iii. - Ye Gentle Nymphs And Generous Dames 4/19/2010
24. Song X. - The Lovely Delia Smiles Again! 4/19/2010
25. The Extent Of Cookery 4/19/2010
26. The Skylark 4/19/2010
27. Elegy Xv. In Memory Of A Private Family In Worcestershire 4/19/2010
28. Elegy Xvi. He Suggests The Advantage Of Birth To A Person Of Merit 4/19/2010
29. Elegy Xvii. He Indulges The Suggestions Of Spleen.-- An Elegy To The Winds 4/19/2010
30. Ode To Indolence 4/19/2010
31. Slender's Ghost 4/19/2010
32. Song 4/19/2010
33. Song Ii. The Landscape 4/19/2010
34. The Beau To The Virtuosos 1/3/2003
35. The Landskip 1/3/2003
36. Elegy Xi. He Complains How Soon The Pleasing Novelty Of Life Is Over 4/19/2010
37. Rural Elegance, An Ode To The Late Duchess Of Somerset 4/19/2010
38. Ode To Cynthia, On The Approach Of Spring 4/19/2010
39. Elegy Xix. - Written In Spring, 1743 4/19/2010
40. Elegy Xxvi. Describing The Sorrow Of An Ingeneous Mind 4/19/2010

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Best Poem of William Shenstone

Daphne's Visit

Ye birds! for whom I rear'd the grove,
With melting lay salute my love;
My Daphne with your notes detain,
Or I have rear'd my grove in vain.

Ye flowers! before her footsteps rise:
Display at once your brightest dyes;
That she your opening charms may see,
Or what are all your charms to me?

Kind Zephyr! brush each fragrant flower,
And shed its odours round my bower;
Or never more, O gentle Wind!
Shall I from thee refreshment find.

Ye Streams! if e'er your banks I loved,
If e'er your native sounds improved,
May each soft murmur soothe my ...

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A Pastoral Ballad

Ye shepherds so cheerful and gay,
Whose flocks never carelessly roam;
Should Corydon's happen to stray,
Oh! call the poor wanderers home.
Allow me to muse and to sigh,
Nor talk of the change that ye find;
None once was so watchful as I;
I have left my dear Phillis behind.
Now I know what it is, to have strove

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