William Stanley Braithwaite

(1872-1962 / United States)

William Stanley Braithwaite Poems

1. Ironic: Ll.D. 4/22/2010
2. Madame Of Dreams 4/22/2010
3. Mater Triumphalis 4/22/2010
4. Messengers Of Dreams 4/22/2010
5. My Thoughs Go Marching Like An Armed Host 4/22/2010
6. On The Death Of Thomas Bailey Aldrich 4/22/2010
7. Scintilla 4/22/2010
8. To Arthur Upson 4/22/2010
9. To Fiona (Nineteen Months Old) 4/22/2010
10. To Fiona 4/22/2010
11. Golden Moonrose 4/22/2010
12. Rhaposdy 4/22/2010
13. Thanksgiving 4/22/2010
14. A White Road 4/22/2010
15. Del Cascar 4/22/2010
16. Sic Vita 1/4/2003
17. Turn Me To My Yellow Leaves 4/22/2010
18. Sandy Star And Willie Gee 4/22/2010
19. The House Of Falling Leaves 4/22/2010

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Best Poem of William Stanley Braithwaite

The House Of Falling Leaves


OFF our New England coast the sea to-night
Is moaning the full sorrow of its heart:
There is no will to comfort it apart
Since moon and stars are hidden from its sight.
And out beyond the furthest harbor-light
There runs a tide that marks not any chart
Wherewith man knows the ending and the start
Of that long voyage in the infinite.

If change and fate and hapless circumstance
May baffle and perplex the moaning sea,
And day and night in alternate advance
Still hold the primal Reasoning in fee,
Cannot my Grief be strong enough to ...

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Sic Vita

Heart free, hand free,
   Blue above, brown under,
All the world to me
   Is a place of wonder.
Sun shine, moon shine,
   Stars, and winds a-blowing,
All into this heart of mine
   Flowing, flowing, flowing!

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