Wilma De Guzman Poems

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A Girl Named Julie

A girl named Julie I am glad i know
She is sweet and gentle and she's aglow
She is bubbly like a glass of champagne
She is lovely like a dove in the pane!

If I Could

If I were a bird
and just fly on my wings
I'll be on your window
every morning there is

Was It Last Summer?

Was it last summer that we kissed
As we hold hands and wished?
Was it last summer that you asked
Let us stay this way for keeps?

In That Little Nook

In that little nook, there is sense of peace
With your Words of Truth that is masterpiece
And with holy songs, that lift up my gloom
Sweet hours of prayers alone in my room!

Thank You Lord For Today

Thank you Lord for the bounty of food
And cup overflows that they include
For all the goodness that You have shown
And all the abundance that You have thrown!

Thank You Lord

For the sun above
and stars at night,
For the moon and tides
and rainbows bright

Under The White Sheets

Under the white sheet we kissed
In deep and burrowed neck
Rough lips and eyes in mist
Our hearts in distant speck!

Your Love Is Amazing

Your love is amazing
Our hearts are gazing
With all our praising
To the mighty King

Why Do We Love You?

It is your perfect face
That makes our heart in race
It is angelic and poetic
Terrific and majestic!

You Stole Our Hearts Away

By those mere photos that you share
With half opened mouth that ensnares
And those sweet smiles with sexy lip
Launch thousand fans into a ship!

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